How To Sell Your House In 5 Days?

After reading the title – how to sell your house in 5 days? of the blog, it can make you wonder in the first place whether selling your home in just 5 days is even possible or not.

Well, it is!

There can be various events in your life that can push you to sell your house at a lightning-fast speed. You might be required to make a sudden shift to a new place, have a job change, and whatnot.

There are many reasons, but practically selling a house in just 5 days or a shorter period sounds challenging. As we all know that real estate transactions involve several tedious steps and processes. Nevertheless, you can manage to get your deal done in a quicker and shorter period like 5 days with some smart techniques.

So, let’s get your hands on these super quick ways that will help you understand how to sell a house in 5 days.

Here we go!

Ways To Sell A House In 5 Days

1. Contact Cash Home Buyers

The U.S. News Real Estate states that, according to the Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report, the average time to close on a home purchase was 49 days, and the average home sat on the market for 22 days as of November 2021. This means the total average time from listing to closing is 71 days. However, the amount of days a sale is on the market and the closing time will differ for each market and sale.

Now, with such stats in hand, you can figure out how advantageous it can be to sell your house to cash home buyers like cash home-buying companies, local investors, and iBuyers. This method can ultimately cut down the time it takes to get an offer and close down your deal.

You can save your time on pre-listing preparations, showings, open houses, and sometimes even repairs. Another big edge is that it eliminates the need for a financing contingency.

However, every aspect has two sides, and so is with selling your home to cash home buyers. Cash home buyers will usually pay you 75% or less than the fair market value of your home. Still, it’s your best bet as you are required to sell your home in just 5 days or closer to it.

2. Hire A Top-performing Agent

Yes, this could be your savior if you want to sell your home in just 5 days. A quick-sale expert agent can help you understand the traditional real estate process and modify it for you to facilitate a speedy deal for you. Once they understand your timeline, they take up the responsibility to ensure you keep up with everything involved to streamline the deal faster.

Apart from such great support, selling your house through a realtor increases the likelihood of a bidding war and bids over the asking price. That will more than cover the real estate agent commission. This is typically between 5% and 6% of the sale price.

In addition to first-time purchasers, a realtor can also provide you with offers from cash home-buying companies, iBuyers, and nearby real estate investors.

3. Price Your Home Below Fair Market Value

Pricing your house below fair market value can give you a competitive advantage, especially when you want to sell faster. This tactic will get you more eyeballs online where the realtors and buyers can see that your house is underpriced.

However, ensure that you mention that the reason for the lower price is that you want to sell faster. This will help you get a genuine and bigger net of offers quicker, mostly attracting cash home buyers and first-time home buyers.

Above all these, there are fewer chances of contract issues like appraisal issues if a home buyer intends to obtain a mortgage.

4. Offer Buyer Incentives

This is yet another interesting way to crack a deal in 5 days. It is like presenting a sweetened deal by marketing irresistible benefits to potential buyers to get offers faster.

Here’s what you can do:

  • You can offer the home buyers to cover their closing costs which can help them save thousands of dollars.
  • Further, you can attract more home buyers and make the deal appealing by leaving your home appliances or other hard-to-move home stuff for the buyers.
  • A full year’s worth of HOA or condo dues may be required by some homeowners organizations at closing. In addition to accelerating negotiations, offering to pay that expense could save homebuyers some dollars at closing.
  • Selling your house with a flat repair credit could save you and the buyer a great deal of time and stress when negotiating after-inspection repairs if your house requires significant repairs.

Pro Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Quick Sale

Get your home ready for a quick sale with these pro tips:

  • Start with decluttering your house by organizing all the stuff and clearing out all your personal belongings.
  • Get a pre-listing home inspection to attract more serious offers by sharing the results with the buyers.
  • Improve your home’s appeal by making high ROI upgrades or cosmetic repairs such as painting or flooring.
  • Adding a floor plan of your house to your listing will help buyers better understand your home’s layout and room sizes. This will cut down your home’s time on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of house sells fastest?
Starter or small homes usually sell fastest due to their affordability and their broad appeal to a wide range of buyers.

2. How long do most houses take to sell?
Zillow estimates that selling a house takes 55-70 days on average in the United States.

3. In what months are houses hardest to sell?
In the U.S. winter is usually the worst time to sell a house because of unfavorable weather. Also, the perception among buyers that owners must be eager to sell during the busy holiday season.

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