If you are hoping to maximize profits on your home sale, placing a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the front of your house is an appealing option as real estate brokers take away a good amount of commission from the sale proceeds.

But as a seller, are you ready to take up all the responsibilities that a listing agent would normally take? Well, that’s what a “For Sale By Owner” method of selling demands.

You are required to undertake the work yourself to save money and maintain control if you don’t hire an agent to handle it for you. Well, this isn’t always simple.

So is ‘For Sale By Owner’ the right choice for you?

Let’s find it out!

What is ‘For Sale By Owner’?

In simple words, a property that is listed as ‘For Sale By Owner’ (FSBO) can be purchased directly from the owner rather than through a real estate agent or broker. The acronym FSBO is commonly pronounced as ‘fizz-bow’.

Some sellers prefer to go this route to avoid paying agent commissions, which typically range from 5% to 6% of the sale price and are split between the seller’s listing agent and the buyer’s agent, if any.

However, FSBO sales, while less expensive for the owner, also have their own set of costs. In an FSBO transaction, the seller has to undertake all the responsibilities of a listing agent.

So, let’s have a look at some of these responsibilities further.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Seller In FSBO?

Below are some of the responsibilities that an FSBO seller has to undertake:

  • Doing market analysis to establish the worth of your home.
  • Choosing a fair sales price.
  • Listing your house, creating the description, and adding images.
  • Making and printing promotional items.
  • Advertising your home.
  • Coordinating individual showings and open homes.
  • Taking care of all the inquiries from potential customers.
  • Addressing all inquiries from the buyer’s agent.
  • Negotiating with interested people.
  • Qualifying prospective consumers.
  • Dealing with legal paperwork.

How Much Does FSBO Cost?

While selling a house yourself is less expensive, there are some costs you’ll still incur. These may consist of:

  • Fees for professional cleaning.
  • Professional photography fee.
  • Fees for virtual staging.
  • Fees for MLS listings.
  • Repair expenses.
  • Attorney fees.
  • Other legal costs if any.
  • Home appraisal fee.
  • Buyer’s agent commission, if any.

Pros Of ‘For Sale By Owner’

Here are some reasons why you should consider FSBO.

  • 1. Save On The Commission
    The primary drive for FSBO is to avoid paying the listing agent commission. Typically, sellers pay 5-6% of the sales price of the home as the agent’s commission from the sales proceeds. This could help you save on the commission fees. For instance, if your house is sold for $250,000 and the commission charged by the agent is 5% of the sales price, you’ll have to pay the agent $12,500 from the sale proceeds.Nonetheless, please note that you still have to pay the buyer’s agent commission if any.
  • 2. Take Control
    The absence of a middleman in your dealings with purchasers and/or their agents will give you full control over how things will work.It implies that you’ll have the final say about your home’s listing price, the upgrades you make, the people you show it to, and eventually, the buyer.You can decide which proposals to take into account and how to advertise your house. Selling FSBO can be the best option for you if you prefer the notion of keeping control.
  • 3. Better Sales Pitch
    Nobody knows your house like you do. You have personal experience with what it’s like to live in your neighborhood and be a part of the community. Your sales pitch could become strong if you share all that you love about your home with the prospective buyer. All of those details can be included in the advertising copy and other selling efforts to promote the sale of your home.

Cons Of ‘For Sale By Owner’

Below are some of the drawbacks of FSBO. Have a look!

  • 1. Can’t Escape The Buyer’s Agent Commission
    When you pay a commission to your listing agent, the agent working on behalf of the buyer may also receive about half of the commission that you pay to your agent. This means the 2-3% buyer’s agent commission will still be due if you decide to sell your home yourself. Therefore, in the case of the $250,000 property sale, you would only have saved money if you sold it yourself and paid the buyer’s agent a 2.5% commission which amounts to $6,250.
  • 2. Lot Of Work
    When selling your home under FSBO, you’ll have to do a lot of work including everything that a real estate agent would do.You’ll have to prepare your home for sale, analyze comps to price it correctly, handle marketing activities, set up appointments and showings, provide offers, and negotiate. There is also a tonne of paperwork required to do.
  • 3. Lack Of Real Estate Knowledge
    For inexperienced sellers in particular, legal terms, acronyms, and other sorts of jargon can be extremely daunting. You can only rely on your knowledge and the resources you have available if you are selling your house on your own.There are many free resources available, but since every transaction is unique, choosing the best course of action can be challenging.

Final Thoughts

A FSBO offers the chance to avoid paying commissions of thousands of dollars. But it takes time, and it’s not for everyone.

However, spending time and money on your listing, consulting an appraiser and attorney, and getting the greatest price possible will help guarantee a smooth transaction.

However, it is better to hire a local real estate agent if you attempt selling FSBO and decide it’s not for you, or if you simply think selling your house yourself would be too much work.

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