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Invest with Us

We at Elite Properties, have plentiful investment opportunities. Be it short term or long term investment, high risk or low risk; we have everything for every investor out there. Standing out of the mass, we assure profitable returns, while returns are co-dependent on the investments made.

Our investing horizons widen up to multiple real estate divisions. Right from private mortgage loans to property equity partnership, we offer development partnerships also.

Elite Properties uses live and regularly updated online platform, which is directly accessible to our investors, at the same time they are able to review, monitor and comment on their respective investments. We also provide them with detailed expenses, work progression, and schedules.

Transparency is one of our key points and we maintain that to very optimum. We are always here to answer your queries and concerns.

Investment Opportunities

Private Mortgage Loan

Elite Properties purchases Distressed Estate, and then it undergoes renovation, after completing all processes, we sell it for market value. Here, investors get the opportunity to be our private mortgage bank. The investor funds us for the purchase price, and we pay him/her monthly interest until the property is sold, then we return the loan in full back to the investor; 10%-12% being our average interest pay. We are also known for our best turnaround time, which is usually 5-6 months.

Property Equity Partnership

Here investors get the opportunity to be partners in flipping a house. After purchasing and renovating the property Elite Properties resells it. Investor funds the construction and other related expenses. The investor receives a 30%-50% profit in sharing the project. The percentage varies depending on the kind of deal. The profit sharing will come down to 40%-50% annually as a return on investment. Turnaround time is 5-6 months. We offer live access to the project expenses, work progress and schedule. Being 100% transparent, we are always open to feedback and suggestions.

Development Partnership

The investor is also able and eligible to be part of building new construction. We at Elite Properties are in the process of developing a few condos and rental buildings. We give investors the opportunity to be part of this process. They even get the option to be a small or large equity partner. Developing is 12-18 months process from start to finish; time varies depending on the project.

Long Term Investments

Long-term investment in real estate can prove to be the best decision for attaining financial security. We at Elite Properties assist investors to invest their money rationally for a long-endeavor. We buy certain properties with the arrangement of keeping them, we remodel them, renegotiate them with a bank at a low interest rate, we lease the apartments to tenants. We have our own management organization which manages all of our buildings. With this sort of venture, you can keep equity in your building and have it appreciate over time. Properties in New York have had the highest value increase year over year. Real estate experts predict a tremendous rise in this sector in the upcoming years.

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