Selling Your House

Your kids have moved out, and it’s probably time for you to think about downsizing your home. You might want to consider staying in a house with fewer rooms and accessible facilities. Furthermore, the extra space in your house determines the equity that can potentially be converted into cash. Additionally, make sure you ask these 4 questions while selling your house for retirement.

#1 What Is The Reason To Sell Your House?

Selling your house to a cash buyer in NY may seem like the best option. Although, you may still want to consider looking at financial numbers while seeing other options. Selling your house is not only about making money but also making your life easier post-retirement. If take a look at the statistics, according to a study it was shown around 64% of seniors chose downsizing to lower their monthly expenditure on housing costs. Whereas, around 44% stated owning a huge house is too much work and maintenance.

When you decide to sell a house you are inclined to buy a house of your choice as you have definite advantages over young buyers, how? Starting with you likely have more cash to offer, school districts are not an obstacle, and living near your workplace is not required anymore. All of this is a bonus while you hunt for a property of your choice.

#2 What Is Better While Retirement, Buying Or Renting?

Buying a house may sound like the safest option while planning your retirement. Although, there are some touchdown points you may want to consider. In some cases, renting is the most feasible option. To begin with, renting a house makes sense if you want to save the constant repair costs. Furthermore, renting promises a predictable monthly expense flow making your life much easier. It enables you to even change your mind and change the current house or just look for more space, fewer amenities, etc. Also, if you plan to move out of the city or even the country you have the liberty to do so when renting. 

#3 Is Piling Up Extra Cash For Retirement On Your Mind?

Most of the retirees who downsize soon discover expenses they never knew about. Moving altogether can be a lifestyle change as you might live in new weather, clothing, furniture, etc. Although, downsizing from a huge bungalow to a condo can result in a significant amount of savings. 

#4 Do You Have Enough Funds To Fix Up Your Old House?

Let’s get it straight, the longer you live in a house the more difficult it gets to sell it later. Furthermore, selling the property can be an expensive undertaking as it will definitely require improvements. If you don’t have enough funds handy to renovate your house or take up any new improvement project, it is best to sell it as-is for cash. Selling a tenant-occupied property for cash will save you from the extra costs and troubles of selling your house the traditional way.


If you want to avoid the hassles of falling into the straining home-selling process, you may consider selling your property to a cash-buying company. At Elite Properties, we buy and sell properties online and provide a no-obligation offer to our customers. Selling your home to a cash-buying company will give you hard cash in return. Sell your house as-is and save that extra money from drowning in real estate agents and home improvements. Call us today at 718-977-5462 and our experts will offer you the best solutions.

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