what to do to sell a house with water damage

Water is one of the most destructive elements which can enormously damage the whole structure of your house. Water Damages can occur due to floods, heavy rains, or constant leakage from water pipes. It is tremendously necessary to act fast as soon as you see droplets seeping into your house and before it deteriorates all parts of your property.

We understand occurrences of these situations are not pre-determined. Here we are shedding light on the topic, of what to do to sell a house with water damage.

Act Fast, To Save From Water Damage

The very first thing you’ll have to do is to get all the valuable items out of the flooded or wet area. Shift them to a dry place. Wooden furniture has a propensity to absorb water and retain it for a long time which could be damaging. By being proactive and moving the furniture you can save potential future repair costs.

If your home does not have enough sunlight coming in, you should switch on the fans and dehumidifiers; they’ll help in drying the areas much faster. Places like basements are known as dark spaces they have no sunlight seeping in at all, and the decay there is rapid and comparatively faster than in any other space in the house.

If your house is under insurance you should get in touch with the company at the soonest. The next step is to click pictures of the damage caused by the floods. Being thorough in the detailed documentation will help a lot as a piece of evidence also when you sell your house it acts as proof of honesty towards prospective buyers.

Evaluate the Damage and Start Cleaning

It’s not just water that is going to damage the house. There are additional elements that come into play like mold, which can cause permanent damage. It takes just 48 hours for mold to germinate. As soon as things get in contact with the mold it will start defiling the furniture, walls, ceilings, and other junk as well.

Post floods you can evaluate what items have major damage. If there are wooden pieces the recovery time should be within 6 weeks. But, if you have furniture made from particle board or bison board, we can’t save it. If there is any upholstery that has come in contact with water it has to go to the dry cleaners, these people know how to deal with such fabrics. You can also promptly wash the clothes which were soaked in flood water to avoid decay and mold formation. Kindly note, that the organic fabric can immediately clasp mold, it is advised to wash them as soon as possible.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Water damage can hit hard on your pockets. And if you are thinking of repairing the damages caused by floods, think twice. Carrying repair work would cost you dollars. It would burn up your equity taking it further by extending the repair costs. You could consider talking to some contractors around to get the best bid for the repair work. If your house has been damp for many days for obvious reasons it would require mold repair, ceiling repair, painting so on and so forth. Hence, improvements will require a lot of capital. It is advisable to sell your house for cash. By doing this you are not only getting rid of the water-damaged property but also getting a fair deal in all cash.

Selling House As-Is

As mentioned above, you will have to act fast and make decisions accordingly. As water can severely harm the surfaces of your property. But, what if you miss out on things and fall into a troublesome situation? The best way you can tackle the scenario is by selling the property to companies that buy houses for cash. When you do not have enough funds for repair and you don’t want to waste your time on the prolonged process of selling a house as-is will act as a savior in this situation. It is the best route to cut down your time and save dollars.

We Buy Houses Any Condition

We have provided you with some essential tips that can come in handy while you plan to sell your house with water damage. There are companies that buy houses as is. Like ‘Elite Properties’ which will buy houses in any condition and close the deal in as less as 3 days. So, whatever the damage could be they’ll buy your house and set you free from the ugly property and never-ending paperwork. Furthermore, if you are facing any other real estate crisis you can get in touch with us at www.elitepropertiesny.com we’ll be happy to help you and give you the best possible solutions.

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