Home Inspection Problems

A home inspection can be a stressful process for homeowners who are planning to close a deal. It may be time-consuming but it is an essential step to assure buyers to purchase a genuine property. A home inspector may bring many unseen problems to your plate that will require a huge amount. If you want to avoid spending a hefty amount you must fix these home inspection problems before it’s late.

Foundation Difficulties

While inspection, a home inspector will look for the condition of the foundation. If the foundation has erroneous grading, slopes, or gaps, it can be a problem for the seller. If there are pieces of evidence of cracked concrete floors, they might need repair. Damp crawlspaces may create greater issues like water seeping towards the foundation causing it to fall out of the alignment. This can result in the falling of the structure, which can be a point of hesitation for potential buyers. 

This is a major inspection issue and will require special attention. Although, it will come up with additional upfront costs. 

Water Issues

Nobody wants a house with molds and a leaking ceiling. This calls for another nightmare that’s water and mold issues. Leaking ceilings or water stains can be a derelict plumbing issue. Besides, bills generated for broken water lines can be an additional cost. Sometimes, you may have to deal with the local municipality for water issues, which come up with upfront costs. Water or plumbing issues can be costly and an inevitable reason to spend your money on it.

Mold Problems

On the other hand, mold isn’t always a significant problem although, if avoided it can become a nightmare. Although, having mold-infected walls have been directly associated with health hazards. Black molds may lead to asthma or any other serious health issue, which can be a bad dream. A small crack can cause mold to grow hence, it is better to address it as soon as noticed.  

Pest Damage

In pest inspection, the biggest issue can be termite damage. Pests like bugs, small rodents, etc. can damage your property, but termites can be much worse. Termites can eat the house completely especially when there are wood framings. If there are any rodents or squirrels they can chew on electrical wiring which can be hazardous. Additionally, rodent droppings and urine can be unhygienic. You must check on and inform pest controllers or critter control contractors to solve the issue and avoid further damage.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

In many cases, house fires are usually caused by defective electrical wiring. If this issue comes up during inspection, there is a high chance you’ll have to spend quite a lot on rewiring. Home inspectors do not have permission to open the walls and ceilings, which is why the issue may go unnoticed. Inspectors will usually check the electrical panels to investigate anything related to electricity issues.

You will have to check for existing issues like taped, spliced, or exposed wires and get them fixed. Make sure you call for an electrician and get over the electrical obstacles.

Asbestos Inspection and Septic Issues

Nowadays, home inspectors are offering a radon testing service as an add-on service. An asbestos or radon test signifies the indoor air pollution problem. A positive test states your home has been exposed to a lot of asbestos or radon index. In such a case, you’ll have to act fast and sign up for remediation. It is advisable to hire a professional for asbestos removal and remediating indoor air pollution, as doing it yourself can be dangerous.

Not to forget about the septic issues, having a septic tank that smells awful can draw potential buyers away. This may be a basic improvement but leaves a long-lasting impact on buyers. If you have flooded or blocked septic drains you might have to look into it. Call the nearest service provider who does it all and fix the issues before an inspection.

Bottom Line

The issues mentioned above surely will cost you a thousand dollars before closing. Selling your house usually is a chaotic scenario and you might want to close a deal fast. Sell your house as it is to us at Elite Properties and avoid the hassles of paperwork. Furthermore, you can sell your distressed home and avoid spending tons of money on improvements. Call us today at 718-977-5462 and sell properties online with us.

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