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What Is An Open House?

An open house or a walkthrough is a time when potential buyers can visit the property for a viewing. This usually occurs when a broker asks the owners or renters to vacate the property in order to keep it vacant for others to see and evaluate the space. An open house can also be seen as a way of advertising the property to attract more buyers. If you are a homeowner and considering keeping a walkthrough, keep reading about what is an open house.

How Does An Open House Work?

In real estate, trading properties is an example of a relatively illiquid market consisting of diverse products. Each property will be different from another even if they co-exist in the same neighborhood. The process starts by vacating the property post which the seller or the seller’s agent allows the buyers to enter and have a walk through the place. The house tour proceeds with the real estate agent’s assistance or the seller’s if it’s an FSBO.

The motive of a walkthrough is to offer an ample amount of time to buyers and secure their interest. They additionally get a chance to evaluate the home as well as the surrounding area. Also, it’s always a better idea to attend an open house instead of booking a brief appointment with a broker. Open houses are often set up on the weekends. Sundays in particular, the reason being the availability of maximum people. Furthermore, some owners or agents make it fun by serving coffee, drinks, or hors d’oeuvres at a walkthrough event.

Pros and Cons of Open Houses

For people who want to sell houses fast, an open house provides the opportunity to attract buyers. A good set-up event can interest more buyers leading to a profitable offer. Real estate agents often suggest that homeowners keep an open house on the first-weekend post after the property goes up for sale. As beneficial as it sounds, a walkthrough has certain pros and cons. Some sellers say open houses are too much work, sometimes even more than the house’s worth.

Here are some pros and cons of an open house that you may comprehend


  • Entices curious buyers
  • Alerts the real estate agents about the issues with the house through visitor feedback
  • May steer to an immediate offer


  • Can involve more effort in organizing than the house’s worth
  • Online listings can get more potential buyers in less time
  • Homeowners need to leave their homes during all open houses

As a homeowner, you must leave the property for other people to view it. This means you’ll have to make arrangements for pets and children if any that will cost you a lot. Owners also need to remove personal belongings to deter buyers from imagining themselves in the house. Additionally, it also means safeguarding your personal stuff that can be on the verge of theft.

A Broker’s Open House

Unlike the traditional open house, a broker’s open house is only meant for real estate professionals and not the public. A broker’s open house intention is to allow realtors to view the property, and solicit professional opinions and its price. It is also an opportunity for agents to spread the word about a good property and gain clients.

A broker’s open house is often kept on weekdays or midweek when the availability of agents is more. The availability of agents is usually less on weekends as they are busy with clients in walkthroughs.

Bottom Line

Walkthroughs or open houses irrespective of the term, it’s a good way to advertise and sell your house fast. Although, it can take a toll on your head with people constantly visiting your place. Furthermore, managing stays and improvements will definitely cost you hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for a swift solution and don’t want to compromise on your home’s worth you can get in touch with Elite Properties. We are a cash buying company that offers a fair all-cash offer in any location and under any condition. Give us a call at 718-977-5462 and learn more about the home selling process.

Before calling a Real Estate Agent there are a few things you may want to consider. Having financial documents will enable you to sell your house fast. Although, selling your house relies on multiple factors like the condition of your house and your financial situation. Make sure your first impression isn’t a weak one as a poor appearance will draw potential buyers away. Hence, do these 5 things before calling a real estate agent.

Acquire Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

The first step before you contact a real estate agent is to look for available mortgage options. Several factors like price, interest rates, term, etc. decide the type of mortgage you may afford. Additionally, being pre-qualified for a mortgage is different from getting a mortgage pre-approved. As both processes involve evaluating income, assets, and debts, only pre-approval needs an official mortgage application.

Examine the Market

A pre-approved mortgage is the only component on which you can research potential houses in a specific price range. In case you’re selling the house you will need to examine the market for homes that are similar to yours. Furthermore, when you research real estate ads both online and in print, you’ll only know about the asking prices. Here, a real estate agent will tell you about how long the houses have been sitting in the market, their prices, and closing costs. Keep in mind to not fall in love with any property yet. By the time you are ready to buy that property, it might have been already sold.

Declutter The Space

All home sellers by now know how important it is to showcase the potential space in your house. Although, it is also important to declutter your house before showing it to the real estate agent as well. Preparing your home for real estate agents before walkthroughs is vital as it helps them to see the full capacity of your property. This will make your property appear more attractive to buyers.

Keep Your House Spotless

A clean and tidy house shows how much you care about and maintain it. Also, a clean home can result in a faster sale. Little things like sorting your mailbox, cleaning doormats, mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, and properly lighting our day-to-day chores. Doing them at once can work in favor of your home selling process. Furthermore, these things are highly noticeable by buyers so, it’s best to do it beforehand than do it later. Additionally, a clean bathroom is a factor that speaks a lot about the homeowner. Spotless shower cubicles, tubs, and tiles are essential bathroom etiquettes that one must follow whether you’re selling your house or not. 

Explore Potential Agents

Going with the first real estate agent that pops up on a Google search can be a bad idea. Doing thorough research and finding an agent that suits your needs is ideal. Commence the search by asking for referrals from people who recently shifted to the neighborhood. You can also bounce on several online resources for the same.

You may have to look for a real estate agent with experience and who has a large contact base. Remember, real estate agents usually charge around 7% of the closing price on the sale, so make sure to do research beforehand.

Bottom Line

You may always feel a need to hire a real estate agent for selling or buying properties. If you are someone who cannot afford to pay the heavy prices of hiring one then, you can contact Elite Properties. We buy houses in any condition and provide a no-obligation offer. We buy houses as-is which means you naturally avoid the extra costs associated with home improvements. Call us today at 917-722-1272 to know more about a fair cash offer.

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