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House Hunting: 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Are you ready with your checklist for house hunting?

If yes, then ensure that you do avoid the most likely mistakes that may hinder you from buying your dream house. Whether you are house hunting for your first home or be it second, you may fail to commit these mistakes.

House hunting is not as easy as just visiting a few houses and choosing the best one. Along with following the best house-hunting practices, you also need to ascertain that you do not make mistakes that can cost you both time and effort.

Your house-hunting process can become more systematic if you are ready with the right pre-requisites.

So, let’s make your house-hunting process smarter and easier by diving deep into the four huge mistakes that you should avoid while house-hunting.

Not Getting Mortgage Pre-approval

You must have made up your mind about house hunting and may have also estimated how much you can spend. The next action step that you shouldn’t miss is meeting a lender and getting a mortgage pre-approval.

Get a mortgage pre-approval before involving an agent in your house search and starting the house-hunting process.

You may be at risk if you are trying to buy a house beyond your budget without mortgage pre-approval. On the other hand, you might also lose the chance of buying your dream house due to a lack of insufficient financial proof.

Hence, it is highly advisable to get the mortgage pre-approval once you have made up your mind to go for a house hunt. This will be advantageous to you in two ways:

  • It will give you a clear idea of what amount of money you will need to spend as well as the exact amount of loan you will be able to borrow.
  • It will help you gain the seller’s confidence for closing the deal when you get the house you might be interested in.

When you meet your lender to obtain the mortgage pre-approval, he/ she might ask you for documentation such as proof of income or your credit score. He/she might also evaluate your debts if any that already exist.

Once the verification is done your lender shall issue a letter of mortgage pre-approval if you are eligible. This will take you a step closer to making a strong offer while buying the house.

You Are House Hunting Without an Agent

As online house listings are available, you may think of going on a house hunt all alone. Probably, you might intend to save up on the commission.

But sometimes house hunting without an agent might cost you more or you may even lose up on the house that you have always dreamt of.

Also, usually, the seller pays the commission to the agent. Hence, you don’t have to worry about spending extra on the commission charges.

You might also get access to new house listings that wouldn’t even be known in the local real estate market where you are trying to find a house if your agent has a strong network.

With his expertise and knowledge, a good real estate agent can help you select the best options for your house hunting.

So, if you wish to make your house-hunting process more efficient, you should get the help of a real estate agent.

Ignoring The Price, You Can Afford

Ignoring the price that you can afford can be a significant mistake that you may make which will leave you dissatisfied.

You may likely fall for houses that are beyond your spending limits while you go on a house hunt. It is absolutely essential to be self-aware of how much you can afford.

Some houses may make you feel very tempted because of their interior, spacious rooms, high-end appliances, or top-notch location.

However, it is good to buy a house that pleases you, but if it’s beyond the price that you can afford, you may go into a state of stretching your financial means.

You may try to arrange the extra amount that you cannot afford. But you should also realize that arranging the extra amount can increase your expenses as you may require to pay interest if you are buying the house with a mortgage.

Sometimes, you may also control your emotions and try to buy some other house than the one you like which is beyond your budget. This will leave you with deep dissatisfaction.

This is why it’s important to recognize and consider the price range that you can afford. Your best bet is to identify and explore the house listings within your budget.

Not Considering the Locality

Once you have decided on the housing options to be considered further for buying, try to assess the neighborhood of the selected options.

Look for various factors in the neighborhood, because it is as crucial as buying the right house.

It shall not be a good choice to purchase a suitable house in a locality you may never prefer.

Evaluate the surrounding area, community in the neighborhood, availability of public transportation and necessary infrastructure, and the time to commute to places that you visit daily like your office, gym, and so on.

Also, ensure the availability of vital amenities that are important to you.

Choosing an unsuitable locality may again lead you to hunt for another house in a good locality.

It’s wise that you effectively consider the locality and neighborhood while narrowing down your housing options.

Bottom Line

House-hunting is a challenging process but can be made effortless if you are aware of the problems that you may face and the mistakes that can cost you both time and effort. Buying a house is a big decision, so making rational and realistic choices without being impulsive can be immensely beneficial for you and your finances.

For making the right decision, get expert words of advice for your house-hunting need from Elite Properties. We buy houses in any condition and provide fast cash offers. Call us at 718-977-5462 today.


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Loan modification

What Is a Loan Modification and How Does It Work?

One of the most heartbreaking ways to lose your home is if you can’t make your mortgage payments or if you’ve fallen behind on them. For borrowers who are in a situation where their house is on the verge of foreclosure, there is still some hope. Introducing… Loan Modification.

In a nutshell, loan modifications can make your life stress free by ensuring you pay your current mortgage and save your home from foreclosure.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at what loan modification is all about.

Little More about Loan Modification

A loan modification occurs when the lender changes the loan terms. Loan Modification is an acceptable agreement between the lender and borrower. In it, the lender gets paid and the borrower keeps the house. The modification may be a decrease in the interest rate, extend of the payback period, or a new type of loan.

In most cases, loan modifications are only available in circumstances wherein the borrower is unable to make full payments and their credit is not sufficient to refinance the loan.

If you are only interested in getting a lower interest rate, then you’ll not qualify for it.

For such cases, the option of refinancing is the ideal solution.

Under What Circumstance Should A Borrower Choose The Loan Modification Route?

Loan Modification is a tool for people who are in a lot of trouble and have no other way to save their homes.  It is not for everyone, and it is important to speak with a professional to see if it is the best option for your particular situation.

A borrower who is experiencing a temporary setback is eligible to request help from the lender with their mortgage. In some instances, a lower payment could help the borrower get through the difficult patch and prevent foreclosure on their home.

Generally, loan modifications occur when one is unable to repay the original loan. The attorney or workout company will help you negotiate modification procedures.

How Do Loan Modifications Work?

Although loan modifications can be requested for any type of loan, the most typical loans for which they are requested are secured loans such as mortgages. In the event of possible foreclosure, the lender may be open to modifying the terms of the loan after he/she has concluded that a foreclosure would be a more expensive route than a loan modification which is beneficial to both parties in the long run.

Are You Qualified For A Loan Modification?

It’s not possible to get a loan modification for everyone who’s having a hard time paying their mortgage. To be eligible, homeowners must either be behind on their mortgage payments or be delinquent— they are paying now but there is a risk that they will delay.

Some of the eligibility criteria for a loan modification include job loss, spouse death, and permanent physical or mental issues/injuries that render you disabled and unable to repay the mortgage.

What Are The Benefits of modifying your Loan?

One of the main benefits of an extended term is that it directly affects your annual interest rate. Your 30-year mortgage can become a 40-year mortgage. In exchange for this, you will receive the following benefits:

• A reduced fee makes it possible to provide the borrower with some respite to make it through.

• The opportunity to keep the house as banks would choose to avoid going through the costly process of foreclosure whenever possible.

Loan modifications allow the homeowner to continue making payments.  While at the same time keeping the house is the most beneficial resolution for both concerned parties.

What Are Some of the Drawbacks Of Getting a Loan Modification?

A modification to an existing loan may be a costly but necessary lifeline. The following are the drawback of choosing this path:

• Your loan will most likely end up costing you more money in the long run. This indicates that the greater the number of years added, the more interest you will pay throughout the course of the loan.

• Loan modification is a time-consuming process. We need to get all the necessary documentation such as pay stubs, bank statements, and tax returns. Also, you have to fill out a spreadsheet that compares your income to your expenses. It is mandatory for loans to get modified. You will need to submit a hardship statement explaining why you need a loan modification.

• Depending on how serious your situation is, your loan modification will not approve. You need to provide evidence that you are capable of repaying the loan to win the lender’s trust. If you are actually unable to afford the home, the bank may decide to deny your request for loan modifications. Bank may leave you with the option to short-sell your house.

Loan Modification Programs for You.

  • 1. Conventional loan modification (Flex Modification Program)If you want conventional mortgages, you have the option to go through FMP. FMP will help you reduce monthly payments by 20%. Also, you can extend the term up to 40 years and lower the interest rate.
  • FHA loan modificationFHA loans include various strategies for borrowers. It gives them the option to reduce payments with an interest-free loan for 30% of the borrower’s balance. The borrowers will only have to pay the remaining part of the loan. After that, he can pay an interest-free loan when the home is about to sell. In this Pandemic, the borrowers also have the option to get a lower rate and also a 25% cut on the monthly payments. FHA borrowers have the option to extend loan terms up to 40 years.
  • VA Loan modificationBorrowers with VA Loan can add their missed payments back to their loan balance. Borrowers will work with lenders for a new manageable repayment schedule. They also have an option o extend their loan.
  • USDA loan modification – Borrowers backed with USDA loans have the option of modifying the mortgage. It gives an option for you to extend the term for 4o years, lowered the interest rate, and get a “mortgage recovery advance”.    All these programs in the end increase the loan balance due and the total interest paid.  If you have a permanent loss of income your best bet might be selling and moving to a less expensive home or renting.

How to apply for Loan Modification?

1. Collect data about your financial position.

You have to give your lender or servicer tax returns to pay studs. It is to prove your financial hardship and that you’re unable to make your monthly loan payments. You’ll also need to provide a letter explaining your situation. This letter should be clear, accurate, complete, and business-like. Keep emotions out of it.

2. Make a plan for your case.

Be honest with yourself and consider the circumstances if you want long-term or short-term way. Be prepared to make your case.

3. Contact your servicer

Contact your lender or servicer and ask for a loan modification. If it is denied, you have 14 days after the denial date to review your application. But you can only apply for modification at least 3 months before the foreclosure sale of your home. Keep records of your correspondence and actions along with any supporting evidence.

What Happens to Your Credit Score When You Get a Loan Modification?

If you are considering going for a loan modification, chances are your credit score has already slipped. The majority of the borrowers involved in the procedure are already past due on their payments.

While you’re going ahead with the loan modification process, the “paying by modified terms” remark is on your credit report.

While you’re paying your loan on time, there may be a chance to have a positive impact on your credit score. This positive impact in turn makes up for the previous negative impact.

If you are not sure about this, there is an option for refinancing the loan at a later date as well if necessary.

To know more about the options available to you, contact Elite Properties NYC, one of the companies that buy houses for cash in any condition.

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How COVID-19 Has Affected The Foreclosure And Short Sales Market

How COVID-19 Has Affected The Foreclosure And Short Sales Market

COVID-19; A horrifying pandemic crisis that the world is facing right now. As the situation is affecting many sectors around the globe, real estate isn’t left behind. The raging effect of COVID-19 has created a major void in the market. This resulted in a huge downfall with respect to the world market and economy. Let us look deep into the Foreclosure And Short Sales Market.

Many services offered by the real estate market like walkthroughs, rentals, etc. had been hard hit by the virus. As these aren’t the only services that have suffered, other facilities like foreclosure and short sales have also been adversely affected. In this blog, we will tell you How COVID-19 has affected the Foreclosure and Short Sales Market.

The Imprint of Coronavirus on the Foreclosure and Short Sales Market

As everyone is witnessing the catastrophic situation of coronavirus, its effects are also visible with respect to the economy. The loss industries have been facing is immense and would take a while to make up for the loss. Although, the foreclosure market is going through an uptick. According to the research by FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) says there’s an evident index downfall of approximately 7.7 percent (noted on March 9, 2020).

If this goes on for some time, it would be difficult for homeowners to keep up with the monthly mortgage payments. It will later result in increased foreclosure cases, although it is tough to predict the real estate market. As facts state, in some states, the mortgage payments are being held for some time until the pandemic contains.

Coronavirus has Pushed Mortgage Rates Lower

The coronavirus outbreak has made the Federal Reserve take two emergency rate cuts. This apparently brought the bond yields to almost zero. The usual 30-year-fixed-rate-mortgage has dropped to 3.29% (noted on 5 March). As stated in the records, previously the 30-year-fixed-rate-mortgage was lowest in the year 2012 amid the recession when it hit 3.31%. Additionally, the 15-year-fixed-rate-mortgage also fell by 16 basis points to 2.79% according to Freddie Mac.

The main cause of the mortgage rates slump is because of the treasury market which has sunken with a lot of margin in the past months. Furthermore, the uncertainty of mortgage rates shall remain in the ditch for a long period.

Corona on Short Sales

When businesses are close around the globe and many of them can’t go on their jobs. So, homeowners have no choice but to sell their houses for a living. Homeowners with no jobs have the only choice but to sell their houses for the bare minimum profits. This measure is to perform their regular routine and satiate their daily needs. A short sale can cost less than a foreclosure to the lender. This always proves to be the most viable way for lenders to minimize the loss and improve profits. Additionally, a short sale might not damage the credit score of a homeowner.

If you have a hefty amount of mortgage to repay then your only possible option is to fulfill the amount. You can do it by selling your house to a cash-buying company.  As there is a rapid increase in short sales it is evident that problems like unresponsive lenders, misplaced documents, erroneous or unrealistic home value assessments, and prolonging processes may make the whole process difficult. In such a chaotic situation, Elite Properties is one such company that will help you sell your home fast for cash on a fair market value. We also buy your house as-is. We won’t ask for any lengthy documentation process, which automatically cuts the hassles of a troublesome sale.

You can call us at 7189775462 or visit us at Elite Properties NY to learn more about the home selling process with us. Where everyone around the world is going through the pandemic crisis we’ll help you be at ease with the home selling or short sale process.

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Facing Foreclosure Panicking Won’t Do Any Good!

Facing Foreclosure? Panicking Won’t Do Any Good!

Are you facing foreclosure notice for your home? Well, panicking will never save your home from being in foreclosure. So, take a deep breath and cool off, as many things have to be done before you quit yourself…

Owning and living in the same home is one of the American dreams. But, recent studies have shown that it has created a sense of fear and frustration as they keep on trying to meet the ends and avoid the foreclosure nightmare. If you think you are the only one who is in this situation, then you are wrong. People from all income levels are suffering from the clutches of homes in foreclosure even as we speak. And people feel more helpless when they try to get the help of the internet to understand the foreclosure process. Since many real estate terms and jargon are involved, it is indeed difficult for an ordinary man to grasp and understand every crisp detail.

Well, numerous non-profit-based firms provide foreclosure assistance for all. Through this article, we’ll try to lend you a few helpful tips to make you understand foreclosure isn’t the ‘end of times.’

Here’s what you need to follow when facing foreclosure…

1. Go Through the State Laws

You must know that every state has its own foreclosure laws. So, before jumping to conclusions, it would be wise to go through the State’s Laws on foreclosure. Depending upon the State, the home foreclosure can be either judicial or non-judicial.

As for a non-judicial foreclosure, there are no courts involved. The lender doesn’t have to go through the courts to file the foreclosure. He can send you a ‘ notice of default ‘ (which is a notice mentioning the failure of payments) along with a ‘notice of sale.’

When it’s judicial foreclosure things get more complicated. You’ll be sent a complaint along with a summons to the court. It means that the lender has already filed a lawsuit against you. You shouldn’t miss the deadline for the response at any cost as the court will pass the law in favor of your lender and allow the foreclosure to proceed.

2. Foreclosure Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Foreclosure doesn’t happen overnight. And this is a fact. A foreclosure only begins when you miss a couple of months of payments. Usually, the lender will send you a notice of default when you miss four or five months of payment. They’ll also specify an amount that you need to pay to cover up for the defaulted loan and a deadline along with it. Once you failed to meet the requirements, you can expect the foreclosure process to begin at any time.

So, you’ll have a minimum of four to five months (depending on the lender) after the last payment to cover up your default payments

3. Judicial Foreclosure a Boon?

Once you understand you are under either judicial or non-judicial foreclosure, the first thing to do is not to panic. A judicial foreclosure usually comes under foreclosure by a bank. But, let us make one thing clear, the latter situation might be less advantageous as these happen way quicker. However, you’ll be the legal owner of the foreclosed property has been terminated by a new sale deal.

In judicial foreclosures, court proceedings can take as much as a year. It will aid you in finding a new home. But, still, if you fail to find an alternative home within the deadline of foreclosure, you’d be welcomed with an eviction.

4. Call Your Lender

A lot can happen over a call. Don’t back yourself from calling your lender and asking for a relaxation. Explain your situation, and try reasoning with him for an extended mortgage pay-off time. Hopefully, he/she might agree. This might even help to delay foreclosure. Well, it’s worth a shot, right?

5. Chapter 13’ Your Last Resort

Chapter 13 can be your last resort. A lawyer can help you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which will in turn force the lender to negotiate a payment plan. But, use this as a last resort only. Being stated as bankrupt can hurt your credit score and filing suit against a lender can drag you into much deeper troubles. You’ll also have the option to put your home on short sales.


With a little bit of preparation, you can survive the whole foreclosure process. You’ll have enough time to prepare for it, and you only need to vacate the property till there’s a new buyer. So, save up some money and look for a better and more affordable rental. As for lenders, finding a buyer for a property under foreclosure is pretty tricky. There are many agencies and skilled real estate agents to ease up the pressure and help you get a new buyer. You can contact real estate professionals like ‘Elite Properties’ for more experienced advice and foreclosure help.

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Options To Consider When Facing Foreclosure on a house

Foreclosure on a house is a very unfortunate situation in a homeowner’s life. As stated in foreclosure statistics, 1 out of 200 homes faces foreclosure every year. The reason for foreclosures on a house is the financial edge that most homeowners undergo.

What is Foreclosure?

In simple terms; Foreclosure is an act of taking ownership of a mortgaged property. The lender or the bank has the right to sell the property for recouping the money and interest respectively.

How does it work?

The Foreclosure of a house is a process that consists of a legal course. The lender takes control of the property by evicting the homeowner, and further selling or auctioning the property. Foreclosures on a house generally occur when the borrower (homeowner) fails or stops paying the mortgage payments.

If you are one of them who are seeking help then read the options to consider when facing foreclosure below –

Defend Yourself in Court

Although homeowners are melancholy while facing foreclosure, they still have some options accessible to stop foreclosure. The first option is to fight back against the bank. If you think the bank has made an error like sending untimely notices, improper service of notice and loan closing breach of contract, etc. You can defend yourself in court and countersue the bank for unethically handling the case.

Rent Out the Property

One of the best possible options to stop foreclosure on a house is to rent your property. By renting you are generating a passive income that will possibly cover your monthly mortgage payments. Talk with your lender clearly before moving out. They might charge you with higher interests as you won’t reside there anymore. Also, make sure you offer a mutually feasible rent that would satiate the mortgage payments as well as your personal needs inclusively. Employ your asset and lodge a part of it, it will surely help you in making faster repayments.

Consider Refinancing and Loan Modification

Opting for refinancing will lower your burden of paying heavy installments. If you have an ample amount of equity and you’re not much behind the payments then refinancing is the best option. By refinancing you are requesting a brand new loan with lesser interest rates that help in faster payments.

You can also choose loan modification as per your preference to stop home foreclosure. As similar as it sounds, refinancing it is completely different from it. In a loan modification, the lender modifies the prevailing mortgage so that the payments become more affordable. In most cases, the time span is also altered and made feasible.

Consider a Short Sale

Another option to avoid foreclosure is opting for a short sale.

What is a short sale?

A short sale is when a homeowner sells their property for a lesser amount when he or she is on the verge of being financially distressed.

Here, the buyer is a third party; all the profits from the sale go to the bank (lender). If there is still some outstanding debt on the homeowner, the lender will forgive the difference or will file for a deficiency judgment against the homeowner. If the lender files the deficiency judgment then the homeowner is liable to pay the remaining amount within the given time span. Although your credit score is affected for some years during a short sale, it is better than ending up with a foreclosed property.

If you are considering a short sale then you have nothing to worry about. You can contact us here at Elite Properties NY and we will take care of the rest of the proceedings.  

Selling a Foreclosed Property

There are multiple ways to stop foreclosure some are effective some are not, and it relies on the situation you are in. If you sight foreclosure nearing, you should act fast and sell your home to cash-buying companies. Companies like ‘Elite Properties’ buy houses within 3 days in all cash-offer. Once you sell the house to us you receive hard cash, which is always a great deal. Selling the home to cash buying companies crafts the deal on the current value of the property. They provide you with certainty concerning the costs and timescale. Furthermore, you can pay your outstanding debt with the help of that money and start afresh.

If you are suffering from any other real estate crisis and need assistance we will be happy to help you in your tough times. Get in touch with us, rest assured we’ll provide you with the best possible solutions.

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Ways To Buying Foreclosed Home or Property

There are several key advantages of buying a foreclosed home it could be tremendously rewarding as far as investment is concerned. It is crucial to ask questions before purchasing a foreclosed property like – for how long has the property been on the market? You’ll be paying cash or mortgaging? How much money will you have after the purchase? So on and so forth, if you have answers to such questions then you are rolling in the right direction.  It’ll clearly give a heads-up for purchasing it.

We would also like to enlighten you further on the ways to buy a foreclosed property. It comes in multiple forms like short sales or pre-foreclosures, we hope it helps you get the right property.

Buying Foreclosed Property Through Auctions

It is essential for you to understand that foreclosed properties are sold as-is. If the house has shabby exteriors or worn-out floors, the property will be auctioned anyway with prevailing faults.

The home buying process is much simpler in auctions. Here the highest bidder wins even if it is for a small amount. This particular type of bidding is known as an absolute bid. There is another way of bidding also called the reserve bid in which the property has to be auctioned for the given price or else the lender gets the title. The purpose of selling foreclosed properties is to achieve the highest price on them.

If you have made up your mind to buy a foreclosed home through an auction then for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to get your hands on a walkthrough. Paying for an unevaluated property could be a bane for your pocket. There are clear chances you’ll end up paying a lot more than anticipated due to additional repairs that come later in the play. As soon as you buy the house, you are designated as the rightful homeowner of the property and eventually, you stand liable for all the necessary home improvements that occur post-purchasing.

Hence, even if you have bought the property for a cheaper cost through the traditional way, repairs can make your pockets bleed money. Do your thorough research and talk with brokers who are willing to work with you and try not to go into the process blindly.

Buying Foreclosed Property Through Banks

There are mainly two types of foreclosed homes which are –

  1. REO(Real Estate Owned) Properties
  2. Bank Owned Properties

Both of the above-foreclosed properties are under the ownership of the lender which is mostly the bank, the only way of differentiation is the stage of the foreclosure process. Before you proceed with buying the property at auctions or through banks make sure you get a mortgage.

Whereas buying a foreclosed property through cash could be the soundest option. But it may be not so feasible for many homebuyers. If you have thoughts about buying a foreclosed property with the help of a loan then it is advisable to prequalify. And then get a preapproval letter before you start with the research and proceed with the home buying process. The latest preapproval letter from the lender or bank will aid in providing detail of how much money you can have in the form of a loan. It is based on the lender’s evaluation of your credit score or income.

Buying Foreclosed Property Through Brokers

The professionals know the best, and real estate agents are highly experienced in their stream. They will assess your property inclusive of factors like the current condition of the house, locality, and neighborhood. If you are a first-time foreclosure buyer we advise you to get in touch with a broker. The brokers know the tricks of the trade as far as REO’s come into play. Hiring a real estate agent would surprisingly cut down your legwork and time and steer you to your desired property.

Although it is the most advised suggestion for new home buyers, we would also like to inform you that buying a distressed property through agents could be rash on the budget as you will have to pay the commission costs to him or her which makes it a less fair deal.

Make Cash Offer On House In Foreclosure

There are companies that buy houses for cash in New York and sell it to you post-flipping. ‘Elite Properties’ is one such company that helps buyers and provide necessary services to those who are facing foreclosure, they will also help you in stopping foreclosure. These companies buy foreclosed home and renovate them by providing necessary amenities to the future consumer. They do the primary improvements like sewage repairs and HVAC repairs including some renovation of tiles or ceilings. Furthermore, these remodeled properties are listed in the market for sale at modest prices. Homebuyers wish to buy foreclosed properties at reasonable prices.

Companies that buy houses for cash are saviors if you are running out of time. By paying cash for foreclosure properties, you can buy your dream house without worrying about the renovation. All you get is brand-new properties with no flaws. They will propose the final deal and give you a moving date according to your specifications. All you have to do is finalize the cash offer and get things done. You require no paperwork or any kind of legalization at all.

Last Words Before Purchasing A Foreclosed Property

Given above were the four ways of buying a foreclosed home. After reading the blog above, you will be able to make better decisions for yourself. It will take you closer to buying your dream home even if it is a distressed property. If you are residing in New York City and wish to buy and sell properties then get in touch with ‘Elite Properties’ they will provide you with the exact solutions for all your real estate crises and guide you through the right path.

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Best Ways to Avoid Repossession of Your Home

Best Ways To Avoid Repossession of Your Home

Homeownership is considered to be the priority goal when it comes to the vision slate of Americans. It has been contemplated as a sign of financial stability among the majority of American communities for ages.

This is why, the thought of losing a home can be draining, not just financially, but, emotionally as well. If you’re facing a daunting situation where you’re not able to pay the mortgage payment, or you’re already in arrears then, it’s time for you to take complete charge and identify reliable ways to get out of the labyrinth. Otherwise, it may lead to repossession of your home.

What Is Repossession?

Repossession is the stage just before foreclosure. Foreclosure occurs when you fail to pay three consecutive mortgage installments whereas, the process of repossession starts when you miss your first monthly installment. Your mortgage lender would ask you the reason but, allow you to pay the pending installment the next time. In real estate language, this stage is termed ‘arrears’.

However, if you still lose out on the due installment, you won’t be provided with a grace period. The lender will issue a warning letter against you declaring that you can be evicted from the house at any time and the lender would have the right to sell your house. To avoid such a scenario, you’ll have to repay the outstanding mortgage debts immediately.  If you cross this stage without taking suitable action, your house falls in the foreclosure category directly.

Here are the best ways to avoid repossession of your home…

Evaluate Your Budget

Understanding the bifurcation of expenditures and income holds extreme importance. Many families follow specific guidelines for their monthly expenses considering the single revenue source.

For example-

  • Housing – 35% (rent, mortgage, taxes, repairs, insurance, and utilities)
  • Transportation – 20% (gas, oil, repairs, insurance, parking, public transportation)
  • Debt – 15% (credit card, personal loan, student loan, and other debt payments)
  • Other Expenses – 20% (groceries, medical bills, prescriptions, clothing, and personal items)
  • Savings and Investments – 10% (monthly contributions to retirement, investment portfolios, or savings account)

Rendered percentages above are subject to change or are tentative as the needs and family size vary from house to house.

Mortgage Payment Protection

If your emergency funds are not apt to fulfill the payment then, the next step you can take is checking whether you’re entitled to any benefits such as mortgage insurance. Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) is designed to cover mortgage payments in events such as mishaps, sicknesses, or redundancy. These are some of the whys and wherefores which eventually halt your income source.

Communicate With Mortgage Lenders

The moment you fail to repay your mortgage installment you ultimately fall into arrears. In such cases, the lender will contact you through legal and private mediums which are calls and letters. If you miss subsequent repayment demands, the lender can rightfully start property repossession proceedings against you. It is advisory to respond to the calls and repossession notices regularly to evade such circumstances.

As a precautionary measure, you can ask your lender to modify the term or negotiate the mortgage installments to make the repayment more affordable. Also, do not pay any extra fees or monthly charges if you have already made an agreement of repaying arrears.

Rent Your Home

If you have an alternative place to your home to stay, you could move out of your home and rent it to tenants. Consider having a conversation with your lender prior to migrating out of the house as they may charge a higher interest rate on the mortgage if you no longer reside there. Make sure the amount you charge as rent to the tenants, should cover the mortgage payment inclusive of the extra costs of being the landlord.

Renting your home or lodging a part of it would help in increasing your income which aids you in faster repayment of the mortgage.

Sell Your House

Selling a property in the market might not assure inevitability, but it might be the only way to stop repossession. If you are not able to keep up with the repayments or due to some financial crisis you should act quickly and sell your house.

There are several companies that make a proposal based on the current value of the property. Such companies have the cash and infrastructure organized to expedite a purchase. It gives you certainty concerning price and timescale, ultimately providing you with a higher value of the property. Companies like ‘Elite Properties buy houses within 3 days in all-cash offers.

Elite Properties’ is one of the companies that offer you, we buy houses for cash service in New York in your crucial time.

Final Word

Mentioned above are the tips to avoid repossession of your home that would surely help in your crucial times. Furthermore, you can contact reputed real estate companies in NY like ‘Elite Properties’ for smooth sailing of circumventing the repossession of your home.

Being one of the renowned facilitators of real-estate services in NYC, they assist their customers in every step. Therefore, keep patience, and connect with Elite Properties.

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Is Buying Foreclosed House a Good Idea?

The word ‘foreclosuremay seem like a nightmare, especially if one’s willing to buy a home in New York. However, there’s no need to fear a foreclosed property. Today’s scenario is completely different in comparison to the real estate market milieu that existed five years ago. At present, banks have started a renovation policy before shortlisting the home for property listings. At first, they inspect the home in foreclosure and do all the necessary repairs which is a huge advantage for buyers as they don’t need to spend money on repairs after buying the foreclosed property. That being said, some of you might still be in a dilemma of whether to buy a foreclosed home or not. So, we have rounded up the top 5 advantages of buying a foreclosed home. They will help you make a sound investment decision.

Go through the following key advantages of buying foreclosed home and then make a decision by yourself…..

1. Great Investment Opportunity

A foreclosed home is a great investment opportunity for buyers because it’s available at cheaper rates than the actual market value.

How’s that possible?

It’s quite natural to have this doubt. So, let us explain to you some details of the foreclosure process. Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner fails to indemnify the mortgage payments, and the bank/lender puts the property for sale for compensating the financial losses. This is why they sell the property at low rates just to get the remaining amount out of it. Further, your monthly mortgage payment would also be less, and will be Buying Foreclosed House.

2. Move-in Ready House

Getting a move-in-ready house is a compelling reason to buy a foreclosed house. As discussed earlier, nowadays, lenders/banks do all the necessary repairs in advance. Why? In today’s world, everybody seems to judge a book by its cover! One may not pay even the marginal rate if the home is in a distressed condition. Therefore, the lender makes all the required repairs beforehand. This clearly depicts that you don’t need to invest the money as well as your precious time to get things done. You can shift to your home as soon as you complete the legalities.

3. Foreclosed House in New York

We have good news for Buying Foreclosed House buyers which could be a bad one for the foreclosed property sellers. According to a recent real estate survey, nearly 40% of properties in New York City are in foreclosure. To be honest, this is quite a big figure. This interprets that foreclosed home buyers have a plethora of good properties to choose from. One can bargain and purchase a foreclosed house that suits their needs.

4. Better Neighborhoods

Foreclosed homes can be a boon if you have always dreamt of living in a posh site in NY. Let’s say there’s a home located in the central area of NY with a net worth of $500,000. If that home falls into foreclosure, its prices could lessen up to $250,000. You can encash such opportunities and be a proud homeowner in NY. In a nutshell, you can easily afford foreclosed properties in elite localities which otherwise could be costly and even beyond your budget.

5. A Step towards Bright Future

Even if you don’t want to shift your house, investing in a real estate property could be fruitful. You can buy a foreclosed home in a good locality and give it for rent. This way, you’ll be able to make a passive income and have property of your own. This is perhaps the best way to gain financial security.

How to Proceed?

First and foremost, decide on the type of foreclosed property you want. After that, make a note of all the amenities and features you seek in a home. Once you are clear about your home goal, contact a reputed real estate agency in NY for exploring your Buying Foreclosed House options. They’ll not only help you throughout the foreclosed property buying transition but also, rationalize all the paperwork and legalities.


Do you seek property in NY with a good neighborhood? At low prices? Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned benefits, a foreclosed home is the ultimate answer! Bear in mind that – Two heads are better than one. Therefore, contact a trustworthy real estate company in NY such as ‘Elite Properties’ to get the most out of the foreclosed home deal.

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All You Need to Know About Buying a Home in Pre-Foreclosure

Even though the prices of real estate properties in New York are rising steadily, it is still possible for an average American to achieve the dream of homeownership by opting for ‘pre-foreclosed homes. Homes in pre-foreclosure are accessible at much lower rates than their actual market value. So, if you are looking to buy a property at affordable rates, a home in pre-foreclosure can be a good financial deal for you. However, a realistic approach is necessary to make a financially sound decision.

Pre-Foreclosure Basics

Most people get confused between ‘foreclosure’ and ‘pre-foreclosure’. Well, there’s a thin line between the two. Foreclosure means a legal procedure that occurs when a borrower fails to repay the loan amount to the lender. The lender either sells the home in a property auction or takes complete possession of it. Whereas, a pre-foreclosure ensues when a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments.

Generally, the pre-foreclosure period starts when the homeowner misses three consecutive payments and the lender issues a default notice to the home buyer asking to pay the debt. During this grace period, the property owner has two options, either he/she has to pay the debt within a specified time frame or sell the property. Therefore, pre-foreclosure can be considered as the initial stage that might lead to foreclosure.

Is it worth buying a Home in Pre-Foreclosure?

There’s a common misconception among most Americans that pre-foreclosure properties are only available in distressed conditions and in undesired neighborhoods. Well, pre-foreclosure has nothing to do with the locality and its condition. For instance, a businessman invests in a real estate property located in a posh area of NY and unfortunately suffers a huge loss in business that leads to the failure of the mortgage payment. Regardless of the fact that he’s a businessman the property is bound to enter the pre-foreclosure phase.

To be honest, financial setbacks can happen to anyone. Homeowners who go through such hardships usually prefer to sell their properties even at discounted rates. Otherwise, the property will completely slip off their hands and fall prey to the foreclosure process. So, you can actually get a good deal by investing in pre-foreclosed property.

Types of Foreclosure Sale



Benefits of Buying a Pre-Foreclosure Property

Here are the major benefits of buying a pre-foreclosure property.

  • Less Competition: Competition is less since most properties are not listed.
  • Quick Buying Process: Simple and quick home buying process as most homeowners are desperate to sell the property as early as possible to avoid foreclosure.
  • Great Deals: You can negotiate and buy the property for less than its current market rate.
  • Better Neighborhood: Chances of getting property in a better neighborhood.

How to Buy a Pre-Foreclosure Home?

Here we’ll discuss how to buy a pre-foreclosed property.

  • Find Pre-Foreclosure Leads

First and foremost you need to find legitimate pre-foreclosure leads. It might be a daunting task as most pre-foreclosure properties are not listed. So, roll up your sleeves and start by preparing a list of areas where you want to have a home. Once it’s done, you can make an analysis by reviewing public records or local newspapers and then visit those areas personally to find out about pre-foreclosed homes. This will give you a fair chance to check on the property as well as the neighborhood. However, if you want to simplify this process, we suggest you hire a ‘we buy houses for cash company.

  • Research the Neighborhoods

Shifting to a new home is a long-term commitment. Therefore, a good neighborhood is equally important as the home you want to move in is. So, do research about the neighborhood without fail. Look out for nearby schools, hospitals, banks, and transportation facilities to avoid problems in the future. In addition to this, you should also closely inspect the condition of surrounding homes and buildings.

  • Find an Authentic Lender for Receiving a Pre-approval Letter

Finding an authentic lender is one of the trickiest aspects of buying pre-foreclosed homes. What happens is, that you may want to buy a hot property worth $500,000 but, the lender may approve only $300,000. To avoid such unfortunate events, getting a pre-approval letter from the lender is necessary.

A pre-approval letter is basically a legal document that helps you understand your maximum borrowing amount. The precise amount is calculated on the basis of your gross monthly income and debt payments. Therefore, you can actually decide your budget only after getting a pre-approval letter from the lender. Apart from that, it’ll also depict that you are qualified for buying the property.

  • Important Documents You’ll Need

You must possess the following documents in order to get the pre-approval letter in a hassle-free way.

  • Driving license
  • Credit report
  • Two pay stubs that reflect year-to-date earnings
  • Two years of tax return report
  • Recent bank statements

Sometimes, you might need to submit some other official documents. So, it’s always better to consult a real estate agent in NY to understand everything in detail.

  • Decide on a Property

Of all the pre-foreclosed homes that you’ve seen, you must narrow down your search to a few homes. Visit each of them personally and do an inspection. You can also hire a trustworthy home inspection officer to ensure the right decision. This procedure will hardly take a couple of hours. Monitor everything minutely including the electrical system and plumbing. Then, choose the one that fits your budget and has the desired amenities.

  • Make an Offer

Making an offer is easy once you have a pre-approval letter in your hand. You’ll know your financing options, and thus, you can outline the budget accordingly. Contact your real estate agent in New York and discuss how much you are willing to pay for the pre-foreclosed property. Your real estate agent will take your proposal to the seller. If your seller accepts your offer, then you’ll need to make a purchase contract.

  • Financing Commitment

Financing commitment is a crucial step. To get the specified loan amount you’ll have to send the purchase contract to the lender. The lender will examine the contract and ask you for the following set of documents before issuing a commitment.

  • Mortgage application
  • Property details
  • A complete list of assets and liabilities
  • Property Appraisal
  • Application fee (May differ from individual to individual)

You can close the deal smoothly by following the above legalities.

Bottom Line

Buying a pre-foreclosure property is not just a safe financial investment but also an opportunity to have homeownership in New York. Be patient and refer to the above guidelines to understand the technicalities of buying a pre-foreclosed home. Further, you can also contact ‘Elite Properties’, which is one of the most trustworthy real estate companies in NY for more experienced advice.

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