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Do You Have To Relocate? Sell Your Home Quickly

The necessity to relocate is one of the most common reasons for people to sell your home quickly. In areas such as Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas, there are numerous government and military employers and employees, which frequently necessitate migration. The need to buy real estate is increasing day by day.

Moving is necessary for other life transitions. Downsizing for retirement, relocating to a warmer climate to avoid our harsh winters, or a variety of other circumstances may necessitate the sale of a home.

We’d like to tell you about our approach if you need to relocate and sell your house fast in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, or Pennsylvania for any reason.

Repairs are not needed to sell your home.

Even if your home is in good shape, there are always several issues that need to attend to before it is going to sell. The expenditures might build up, the time commitment can be lengthy, and repairs can be inconvenient. With Elite Properties you don’t have to be concerned about these fixes. We will buy your house as-is, whether it needs major renovations or minor ones.

There are no commissions or fees.

The majority of the time, sellers must pay commissions and fees to both their real estate agent and the buyer’s agent. So, if your house sells for $200,000, you’ll have to deduct around $12,000 from the amount and pay it to your real estate agents. There are no commissions or fees when you sell to Elite Properties.

Cash Offer that is both quick and reasonable

We realize the need for speed when relocating and your hectic schedule. When you cooperate with us, we’ll set up a same-day appointment to make you a reasonable cash offer. For you, it’s quick and simple! You can also choose your exact closing date when selling to Elite Properties Homebuyers, ensuring that the sale of your house fits into your schedule.

You can also choose your exact closing date when selling to us, ensuring that your property sale works into your schedule.

We Assist you with your relocation 

In many cases, we can assist our clients in packing, organizing, decluttering, and relocating to their new homes. Another way we make the procedure as simple as possible for our valued clients is through this method.

What options do you have if you need to relocate for work?

There are the top 3 options to sell your home when relocating for a job.

Option#1: You can request a cash offer on your home.

If there is a deadline for relocation and you can’t wait for 4-5- days for a buyer loan, you can ask for a cash offer on your home. Consider this option if your time is of the essence and you want to move early. Your house has serious problems that would prevent a buyer from using conventional finance.

Option#2: Hire a Real Estate Agent to sell your home.

You can always hire a Real Estate Agent to help you sell the property. Use these three essential suggestions from our experts to hasten the sale of your home.
  • De-clutter and clean the house to make it appear bright and fresh.
  • Improve the outside appearance
  • Take care of any mechanical problems ASAP
  • Set the appropriate price using the CMA.

Option#3: Rent your house instead of selling it

You can keep your house as a rental if there is a large demand for rentals in your neighborhood. There are cases where people can make a lot of money renting out their home as they paid a low amount for it and have modest monthly payments.

Bottom Line

At Elite Properties, we strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients.

You don’t have to bother about fixing your house, hiring an agent, paying commissions and fees, hosting open houses, or being subject to the schedules of possible buyers if you don’t want to.

When we say we buy properties for cash and as-is, we mean it. No repairs, no inspections, no open houses, no agent fees, and a quick closing are all options for selling your home.

Refer experts from Elite Properties who can assist you in making the right decision. We are a cash buying company that suggests we provide fast closings. Call us at 718-977-5462 today.

We’d love to meet you and be delighted to demonstrate how simple the sales process may be. Get started right away with a free quotation!

As far as residential real estate is considered, sellers of homes with certain problems or flaws may hear a piece of advice from their friends or family that they must simply “put a coat of paint on it” or “that’s the succeeding owner’s problem.” You also have to work with real estate disclosures. 

What the majority of sellers fail to realize is that they are usually required to disclose specific information to prospective buyers. Real Estate disclosures are meant to inform potential buyers of any hitches with the property that might have an impact on its value or use. “Buyer beware” only holds as far as certain issues are considered.

Now, we are aware that selling a house can be exhausting, and we are here to make the process as stress-free as possible. This is why we wanted to ensure that homeowners recognize common disclosures that could have an impact on the sale of their homes. We’ve put together certain information that will update you on the realities as a seller.

Disclosure Basics

The necessities for real estate disclosures vary centered on state law. Some states lean severely towards buyer protection and command multiple pages of real estate disclosures, while other states adopt a buyer-beware approach.

All disclosures should be black and white, despite whether your state provides a specific form to use. In all states, sellers should give latent buyers the property disclosures before or at the time of execution of the agreement.

What exactly is a seller’s disclosure form or seller disclosure statement?

The foundation of the majority of state disclosure documents is the same. There are some questions about the possessions whether there is damage or broken is pose to you. The features include a foundation, skylights, plumbing, a swimming pool, HVAC, etc.
There are some states that compel you to reveal the issues and disclose the issues about the home. You should be aware of further disclosures made by other states.
If you need help filling out a disclosure document in a state, you must consult with a real estate lawyer. 

Why Disclose?

Real estate disclosures are there to offer help to protect all parties involved in a sale. Homebuyers, of course, need to be aware of what exactly they’re getting themselves into with a specific property. 

Sellers are secure by disclosures in two main ways. First of all, disclosures lessen the chance of buyers backing out at the last minute. Secondly, properly following disclosure law safeguards sellers lawfully. If a seller failed to disclose information that is must by state or federal law, the buyer can file a lawsuit years after the transaction in some areas. But, disclosures can bring some very grave issues to light and decrease the number of latent buyers who will want to deal with the disclosed issues.

Let’s get right to the most common ones now.

5 Common Real estate Disclosures

If you’re rolling up your sleeves to sell a property, you must be aware of these 5 common disclosures. Not all of them hold in every state, so ensure your own state’s rules.

  1. Lead:

    For the houses built before 1978, you’ve to disclose the existence of lead paints and their hazards. Sellers should also provide buyers with any records they have involving lead on the property, a lead warning statement, and a pamphlet created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is the only federally instructed real estate
  2. Water Damage:

    Water damage caused due to leaks and floods can result in health problems by creating mold and can compromise the structure of the house. This damage is not always apparent while the sale particularly if the sale is not taking place at the time of the rainy season. Many states necessitate sellers to disclose leaks and water damage.
  3. Legal Issues: 

    Maximum states also call for sellers to reveal any legal issues with the property. These issues could comprise the existence of property liens, building code desecrations, easements on the property, or boundary line disputes with the neighbors. The legal issues will have an impact on the potential new owners. So, it should be disclosed to the buyer.
  4. Structural And Mechanical Issues:

    You must disclose any Mechanical and Structural Issues to the property. This would accommodate issues with the plumbing, electrical systems, heating, air conditioning, or structure of the home. Some states have a very precise form to fill out concerning the condition of each household system, while other states just need you to inform the potential buyer about any key problems.
  5. Neighborhood Annoyances: 

    Many states involve you to inform potential buyers about neighborhood nuisances.
    Neighborhood annoyances may include late-night parties, invasive odors, or violent dogs. Anything that would have an impact on buyers’ enjoyment of the home and neighborhood has to be revealed.

Consequences Of Disclosing

Disclosing properly is the way to go. But what will ensue after you disclose? Mostly, buyers will oversee smaller issues if they like the house, mainly in a hot market.

When it comes to greater issues, the buyer may ask you to fix something before the property changes hands, or they may ask you to take some money off the purchase price. If you and the buyer can’t agree, the buyer may walk away compelling you to begin the entire process all over again.

When In Doubt, Disclose

As we stated, required disclosures fluctuate by state. If you’re confused about disclosure, it is best to err on cautiousness and then disclose it. In addition to the liability benefits, disclosing meticulously helps buyers know that they can trust you as the seller sufficient to go through with the deal. And of course, it’s just the right thing to do! Referring to a real estate attorney can help ensure you’re doing everything appropriately.

Avoid The Trouble By Selling To Elite Properties

If you’d like not to worry about disclosures and how buyers will respond, there’s an easier solution.

At Elite Properties, we buy homes as-is and offer you a fair cash offer. We pride ourselves on providing a trouble-free selling process.  This aids you in moving out quickly, without any of the hassles of fixing or selling your house. Call us at 718-977-5462 today.

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