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Companies That Buy Houses: Trusted Options For Homeowners

A significant shift is taking place in the American housing market. Interest rates have risen to all-time highs, while home buyer demand is dramatically decreasing. But even in such a market, cash home buyers continue to purchase homes at an increasing pace. You’re not alone who wants to sell a home in the current uncertain market. However, you are also not required to go through the hassle of locating a buyer on the open market for selling your home. Instead, you can think about selling straight to a companies that buy houses and pay you in cash, upfront.

Companies that buy houses for cash are significantly more appealing to home sellers than those that offer financing. Such companies assure sales, frequently removing the burden of loan approvals and house inspections.

However, remember that not all the companies that buy houses are the same. Some of them will pay you 100% of the fair market worth of your property, while others would only give 50%. To help you sell your house quickly, we’ve listed some top considerations of companies that buy houses.

So, here we go!

MarketPro Homebuyers

MarketPro offers a substantial discount on the going rate. Only four states allow it, so many house sellers aren’t given the choice. It has an A+ rating and an overall rating of 4.51 stars. However, it can close swiftly and even provides a free moving service, so if you’re moving, it might be worthwhile.

The company can close in as little as seven days and offers cash for homes, including damaged ones. It distinguishes out since it provides help with moving and packing.

MarketPro typically only purchases distressed homes and offers as little as 50% of the fair market value, similar to other cash purchasers.

You can call MarketPro directly or complete an online form on its website to sell to them. You receive a quick quote after providing some basic information about your home. Following a visit to your home by a MarketPro employee, the company may modify its initial offer.

Clever Offers

Clever Offers receives high ratings for assisting you in making the most informed decision possible on the sale of your house.

You are connected with a real estate agent through Clever Offers, who then solicits offers from numerous iBuyers and cash buyers. Your agent guides you through the specifics of each offer, which helps you decide which one represents the best bargain.

Because it enables you to compare these cash offers with what your home would get on the open market, Clever Offers is exceptional. You’ll be aware of all your alternatives so you can choose what will work best for your finances and schedule.

If you choose not to accept any cash offers, you can alternatively list with your agent using Clever Offers. Unlike the competition, you’ll pay a reduced listing cost of 1.5% if you do list with an agent, which is almost half the standard listing fee.


Sundae, like Clever Offers, allows you to compare offers from various cash buyers. But unlike Clever Offers, it doesn’t assign you to a real estate agent or provide you with a free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to make sure you’re getting a reasonable offer. Additionally, most sellers do not have the choice because it is only currently offered in 2 states.

One of the benefits of operating Sundae is that it provides sellers with a $10,000 cash advance to cover any costs before or during the closing.

You must enter details about your property on Sundae’s website to sell your house through them. It plans an in-person visit and a house inspection if your property qualifies. Then, your house becomes active on Sundae’s online marketplace so that you can review and approve investor offers.

We Buy Houses

If you need to sell quickly or have a house that needs repairs but you can’t afford them, We Buy Houses is a fantastic option. The business buys your house “as is”. Additionally, it settles transactions very quickly, often in just a week, and makes speedy cash offers.

We Buy Houses is a national cash buyer with more than 200 offices spread throughout more than 30 states.

Local real estate investors separately own and run each We Buy Houses office. Some places are more trustworthy than others since the investor has total control over how they run their business.

We Buy Houses may not offer as much as a regular buyer would pay because it effectively acts as a house flipper. For the greatest deal for your timeline, we advise collecting multiple offers from various cash buyer businesses.


HomeGo is a national company with over 30 offices located in 22 states plus the District of Columbia, spanning from coast to coast. It has been accredited by BBB since July 2018 and has an A+ rating with an average star rating of 3.15.

HomeGo has given cash offers to homeowners in three simple steps since its founding in 2018. HomeGo’s representative will first perform a 30-minute house walkthrough. Next, HomeGo claims to make an immediate, definite cash offer. In the last phase, closing occurs in as little as seven days, and sellers are free to move whenever they like.

If you don’t have time to clean out the garage or attic, don’t worry; the moving company will take care of any undesired objects that are left behind.

The Final Say

If getting a rapid sale rather than getting the most significant money from the sale is your priority. You should think about companies that purchase properties for cash.

By choosing companies that buy houses, homeowners can have more freedom and less stress, plus you don’t have to pay for fees or repairs. These companies streamline the selling process and offer sales assurances to give homeowners more control over their real estate holdings.

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Selling your home is a big decision, and it can be a daunting rollercoaster. However, with the rise of direct home buyers, there is now a simpler way to sell your home without all the inconvenience. Direct home buyer purchase properties directly from homeowners without involving traditional real estate agents or listing services.

From avoiding repair costs to flexible closing dates and simplified selling processes, we will go over all the reasons why you should consider selling your home to a direct home buyer in this blog.

So, let’s jump in!

What Are Direct Home Buyers?

Direct home buyers offer a hassle-free and expedited sale process. With no need for showings or open houses, selling to a direct home buyer eliminates unnecessary stress.

A Direct home buyer is an individual or company who is willing to purchase a property in any condition directly from the homeowner, repair the property and sell it for a profit.

Direct home buyers provide a cash offer, allowing sellers to avoid financing contingencies. Working with a direct home buyer also eliminates the need for a real estate agent and associated fees.

This helps save homeowners from the hassle and expense of making upgrades and avoid the stress typically associated with the traditional selling process.

With direct home buyers, there are no showings or open houses to worry about, allowing sellers to maintain their privacy. This concept of selling directly to a buyer without involving a real estate agent or going through multiple listings is gaining popularity, especially for those looking to sell quickly and hassle-free.

How Much Do Direct Home Buyers Pay?

These buyers typically provide a fair market value offer based on the condition of the home. Also, ensuring that sellers receive top dollar for their property.

The purchase price is determined by factors like location, condition, and market trends. You can compare the offer to your home’s estimated value to see if it meets your expectations.

Direct home buyers aim to provide competitive offers based on the local real estate market and current demand.

Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Direct Home Buyer

Selling directly to a home buyer, allows you to simplify the entire selling process and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Not only does this save you time and effort, but it also allows you to get a fair offer for your home without any lengthy negotiations.

Below are some benefits of selling your home to a direct home buyer that you must consider. Here we go!

  • Simplified Selling Process
    By dealing directly with the buyer, you can eliminate the complexities that come with listing your home on the market. Selling your home without negotiating with multiple buyers can significantly reduce the burden and streamline the selling process.
  • Faster Closing
    With direct home buyers, you can get a cash offer for your home in a matter of Days. This allows you to close the sale within a short timeline. One of the advantages of selling your home to direct buyers is that you can skip the paperwork and get your home sold fast.
  • Avoiding Repair Costs
    One of the biggest advantages of working with a direct home buyer is that you can sell your home as-is without the need for costly repairs or upgrades. Unlike traditional home sales where buyers often request repairs or upgrades before closing the deal. Also, selling to a direct home buyer allows you to skip these expenses altogether. Additionally, you can sell your home without the need for a home inspection, saving you time and money.
  • Financing Is Easy
    One of the main benefits of selling to a direct home buyer is that you don’t have to worry about buyer financing falling through. These buyers have the necessary funds to purchase your home. So there’s no need for lender approval. Not only does selling to a direct home buyer ensure a smooth transaction, but it also allows you to get the cash you need from the sale of your home without any delays.
  • Avoid The Risk Of Back-outs
    When you sell your home to a direct home buyer, you eliminate the risk of buyers backing out at the last minute. Say goodbye to the stress of potential buyers changing their minds! With a direct home buyer, you can close the sale of your home without worrying about unexpected surprises.
  • Increase Your Profits
    When selling your home to a direct home buyer, one of the major advantages is that there is no need to pay agent commissions. A significant amount of money can be saved by cutting out the middleman. Instead of paying a percentage of the sale price to a real estate agent, you can keep more of the proceeds in your pocket.
  • Flexibility on Closing Date
    When selling your home to a direct home buyer, you can select a date that works best for you, allowing you to close the sale on your terms. This flexibility helps you avoid the stress and pressure that often comes with strict closing timelines. Additionally, by selling directly to a buyer, you can bypass delays caused by financing issues. That can arise when dealing with traditional real estate transactions. Instead, you can close the sale of your home on a timeline that suits your individual needs.

The Final Say

Selling your home to a direct home buyer offers numerous benefits. That can make the process easier and more convenient for you.

From avoiding repair costs to a simplified selling process, direct home buyers provide a hassle-free solution to selling your property. With faster transactions, flexible closing dates, and easy financing options, you have the opportunity to sell your home on your terms.

Plus, by eliminating agent commissions and the need for staging or showings, you can save both time and money.

Reach out to Elite Properties today to explore your options and get started on the path to a stress-free sale!

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