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What Is An Open House?

An open house or a walkthrough is a time when potential buyers can visit the property for a viewing. This usually occurs when a broker asks the owners or renters to vacate the property in order to keep it vacant for others to see and evaluate the space. An open house can also be seen as a way of advertising the property to attract more buyers. If you are a homeowner and considering keeping a walkthrough, keep reading about what is an open house.

How Does An Open House Work?

In real estate, trading properties is an example of a relatively illiquid market consisting of diverse products. Each property will be different from another even if they co-exist in the same neighborhood. The process starts by vacating the property post which the seller or the seller’s agent allows the buyers to enter and have a walk through the place. The house tour proceeds with the real estate agent’s assistance or the seller’s if it’s an FSBO.

The motive of a walkthrough is to offer an ample amount of time to buyers and secure their interest. They additionally get a chance to evaluate the home as well as the surrounding area. Also, it’s always a better idea to attend an open house instead of booking a brief appointment with a broker. Open houses are often set up on the weekends. Sundays in particular, the reason being the availability of maximum people. Furthermore, some owners or agents make it fun by serving coffee, drinks, or hors d’oeuvres at a walkthrough event.

Pros and Cons of Open Houses

For people who want to sell houses fast, an open house provides the opportunity to attract buyers. A good set-up event can interest more buyers leading to a profitable offer. Real estate agents often suggest that homeowners keep an open house on the first-weekend post after the property goes up for sale. As beneficial as it sounds, a walkthrough has certain pros and cons. Some sellers say open houses are too much work, sometimes even more than the house’s worth.

Here are some pros and cons of an open house that you may comprehend


  • Entices curious buyers
  • Alerts the real estate agents about the issues with the house through visitor feedback
  • May steer to an immediate offer


  • Can involve more effort in organizing than the house’s worth
  • Online listings can get more potential buyers in less time
  • Homeowners need to leave their homes during all open houses

As a homeowner, you must leave the property for other people to view it. This means you’ll have to make arrangements for pets and children if any that will cost you a lot. Owners also need to remove personal belongings to deter buyers from imagining themselves in the house. Additionally, it also means safeguarding your personal stuff that can be on the verge of theft.

A Broker’s Open House

Unlike the traditional open house, a broker’s open house is only meant for real estate professionals and not the public. A broker’s open house intention is to allow realtors to view the property, and solicit professional opinions and its price. It is also an opportunity for agents to spread the word about a good property and gain clients.

A broker’s open house is often kept on weekdays or midweek when the availability of agents is more. The availability of agents is usually less on weekends as they are busy with clients in walkthroughs.

Bottom Line

Walkthroughs or open houses irrespective of the term, it’s a good way to advertise and sell your house fast. Although, it can take a toll on your head with people constantly visiting your place. Furthermore, managing stays and improvements will definitely cost you hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for a swift solution and don’t want to compromise on your home’s worth you can get in touch with Elite Properties. We are a cash buying company that offers a fair all-cash offer in any location and under any condition. Give us a call at 718-977-5462 and learn more about the home selling process.

Before calling a Real Estate Agent there are a few things you may want to consider. Having financial documents will enable you to sell your house fast. Although, selling your house relies on multiple factors like the condition of your house and your financial situation. Make sure your first impression isn’t a weak one as a poor appearance will draw potential buyers away. Hence, do these 5 things before calling a real estate agent.

Acquire Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

The first step before you contact a real estate agent is to look for available mortgage options. Several factors like price, interest rates, term, etc. decide the type of mortgage you may afford. Additionally, being pre-qualified for a mortgage is different from getting a mortgage pre-approved. As both processes involve evaluating income, assets, and debts, only pre-approval needs an official mortgage application.

Examine the Market

A pre-approved mortgage is the only component on which you can research potential houses in a specific price range. In case you’re selling the house you will need to examine the market for homes that are similar to yours. Furthermore, when you research real estate ads both online and in print, you’ll only know about the asking prices. Here, a real estate agent will tell you about how long the houses have been sitting in the market, their prices, and closing costs. Keep in mind to not fall in love with any property yet. By the time you are ready to buy that property, it might have been already sold.

Declutter The Space

All home sellers by now know how important it is to showcase the potential space in your house. Although, it is also important to declutter your house before showing it to the real estate agent as well. Preparing your home for real estate agents before walkthroughs is vital as it helps them to see the full capacity of your property. This will make your property appear more attractive to buyers.

Keep Your House Spotless

A clean and tidy house shows how much you care about and maintain it. Also, a clean home can result in a faster sale. Little things like sorting your mailbox, cleaning doormats, mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, and properly lighting our day-to-day chores. Doing them at once can work in favor of your home selling process. Furthermore, these things are highly noticeable by buyers so, it’s best to do it beforehand than do it later. Additionally, a clean bathroom is a factor that speaks a lot about the homeowner. Spotless shower cubicles, tubs, and tiles are essential bathroom etiquettes that one must follow whether you’re selling your house or not. 

Explore Potential Agents

Going with the first real estate agent that pops up on a Google search can be a bad idea. Doing thorough research and finding an agent that suits your needs is ideal. Commence the search by asking for referrals from people who recently shifted to the neighborhood. You can also bounce on several online resources for the same.

You may have to look for a real estate agent with experience and who has a large contact base. Remember, real estate agents usually charge around 7% of the closing price on the sale, so make sure to do research beforehand.

Bottom Line

You may always feel a need to hire a real estate agent for selling or buying properties. If you are someone who cannot afford to pay the heavy prices of hiring one then, you can contact Elite Properties. We buy houses in any condition and provide a no-obligation offer. We buy houses as-is which means you naturally avoid the extra costs associated with home improvements. Call us today at 917-722-1272 to know more about a fair cash offer.

A real estate agent plays a crucial role when buying or selling a home. Buying a home is a big deal hence, paying attention to every detail matters. Additionally, having a real estate agent on your side will help you in eluding multiple issues that come along with the home-buying process. If you’re new to the process then read our blog ‘The Dangers of Buying A Home Without a Real Estate Agent’

Paying Exorbitant Amounts of Money

Unless you don’t belong to the real estate industry you’d hardly know about the accurate prices of homes. Furthermore, if it’s an FSBO home (For-Sale-By-Owner) then, it’s likely that the owner is unaware of the pricing. In most FSBO cases, homeowners overprice the house. Reason being, a lack of knowledge and guidance.

When you hire a real estate agent, they offer you accurate information and provide you with a precise house price. They can give you a fair idea post-first viewing and rest after the completion of CMA(Comparative Market Analysis) or comparables(real estate appraisal term referring to properties with characteristics that are similar to a subject property whose value is being sought.). Additionally, they’ll offer you a suitable bidding price for your house that may take months to establish.

Issues with Disclosures

As a mandatory rule, disclosing problems related to a property is crucial whether it’s for an agent or a buyer. Although, in some places the rules may differ for instance in New York there is a rule known as Caveat Emptor. Caveat Emptor or buyer beware translates that a seller is not entitled to disclose known problems, if there’s an issue then it’ll be on you (seller). Although, major problems like structural issues still need disclosure. 

Being Unaware Of The Neighborhood

A good real estate agent will know and understand your needs and the neighborhood that interests you. They will suggest the best neighborhood according to your requirements and value. Furthermore, they will also enlighten you about the market if it’s steep, low, or stable. If you research alone it’s almost impossible to be precise about prices in a city that you’re unfamiliar with. Moving to a new neighborhood is a big deal as you may spend most of your life residing there. Having a real estate agent at your side can identify potential problems in the neighborhood.

Problems while Appraisal

Paying an extravagant amount for a home can be bad, and seeking financing for the purchase is even worse. The case can worsen if you are buying an FSBO home. As none of the sides are represented the buyer eventually ends up paying more. Furthermore, when the home appraisal is run, the bank refuses to approve or sign off as the appraisal value is low and the amount is high. It’s a scary situation as the final price is settled and the seller doesn’t negotiate on the prices further.

Additional Problems

The situations above are some of the nightmares you would want to avoid by not hiring a real estate agent. Adding to the rest there are numerous other risks that you may fall prey to when you try to trade properties.

  • Loss Of Time

Researching homes, potential buyers, neighborhoods, and buildings can take a toll on your head. Unless you’re a retired person or are currently unemployed you cannot afford to lose time and property.

  • Too Much Paperwork

Real estate agents can be extremely complex with multiple verification processes and paperwork it can get tedious. Laws and regulations can differ from state, city, and region although, it comes inclusive of several documents that require signatures. Every detail counts and if you make any mistake it can cost you a fallthrough or delay.

  • Numerous Lost Deals

The real estate market is highly competitive and constantly changing. Failing to make the right move on time can lose you out to other buyers that prepare beforehand. An agent’s job here is to make sure you’re ready to finalize deals and even win buyers/sellers respectively.

Bottom Line

No matter how much you may deny it, hiring a real estate agent will only help you ease the home-buying process. If you don’t have time to deal with a real estate agent you can get in touch with Elite Properties. We are a cash buying company and buy home as-is, we can close a deal in less than a week. This means you can move with the alignment of your timeline without having the need to disturb your schedule. Call us at 718-977-5462 and get to know more.

In order to assess property taxes, localities usually have a home appraisal. When you sell your house or refinance it, the bank is liable to order an independent appraisal. This is done to assure it is lending against the property’s true value. The satisfaction of a home appraisal relies on if you are a seller, a prospective buyer, or a taxpayer. If you’re someone who is unhappy with their home appraisal, scroll down to read our blog ‘This Is How You Can Challenge A Low Home Appraisal’.

A thing to keep in mind is that not all homes are up for appraisals if you are a cash buyer you can opt-out. Although, this only happens when the price inclines on the steeper end of the market and the inventory is low. However, if you are planning to finance your new home appraisal is mandatory. On the other hand, according to most housing experts, if you are paying for your house in cash, it is always better to know its worth.

The Multiple Kind of Appraisals

To understand better make sure you are aware of the multiple types of appraisals.

  • Online Appraisal

Many companies nowadays have started performing electronic appraisals to cut costs. Here, they do internet research on comps (comparable homes) to fix the value of your home based on comps and other factors inclusively. Although, in an online appraisal there is a high chance that information on newly renovated rooms or items can be skipped. If something like this occurs, it might impact the assessment of your house as these things are not visible online.

  • County Appraisals

Drive-by appraisals are another kind of appraisal that usually takes place for counties. In drive-by appraisals, a person may take the current picture of their home and comparables, again without the need to visit the house.

  • Traditional Appraisal

Lastly, the traditional appraisal occurs when the appraiser visits the house and gathers information. The appraiser further asks questions regarding improvements. Post which he/she will make a comparison to other similar houses in the area or town. Furthermore, a traditional appraisal may cost several dollars and takes place when a home is sold to the new owner.

Here’s How To Challenge A County Appraisal

The reason for conducting a county appraisal is to assess property taxes based on the current value of your home. If you aren’t thinking of moving any time soon, and when the assessment comes in lower than your expectations. A thing to consider is that your property tax bill will also be less. Additionally, if you want to sell your house in the future you can call the county auditor. There are many localities that allow you to appeal the assessment by providing proof of upgrades or improvements.

Furthermore, while evaluating the property a real estate agent researches the comps in the area. This means using the county’s assessed value may not hold as much importance.

Here’s How You Can Challenge Other Appraisals

If you’re buying a house and the appraisal comes in too low, it will result in declining your mortgage loan approval from the lender. Although, you still have multiple options to try before giving up.

First off, as the purchaser of the appraisal, you are entitled to view the appraisal. Make sure to work closely with the seller’s real estate agent and ensure all major upgrades are taken care off while the assessment. Additionally, ask the seller’s real estate agent to talk to the appraiser about the comps they examined while finalizing the selling price.

You can also request the appraiser to re-examine their results based on comparables. If there are a handful of recent sales in the neighborhood. The appraiser may have found similar homes in other neighborhoods that weren’t comparable as initially thought. If you can provide authentic information to the appraiser there is a possibility they might reconsider the assessment.

Lastly, remember to always be polite while challenging an appraisal. The appraiser may not want to admit that they’re wrong while putting in a place of defense. Make sure you challenge the assessment with absolute respect and talk it through.


There might be times when a low appraisal may work in your favor regardless of your status. Remember, an appraisal relies on multiple factors starting from the home’s condition, its market value, and comparables.

Furthermore, if you have strict time constraints and are planning to sell your house fast you can get in touch with Elite Properties. We buy houses for cash and make an offer based on the fair market value. Also, we offer fast closings so that you can work according to your timeline. Call us today at 718-977-5462 to know more.

Selling Your Home as is for Cash doesn’t have to be costly. Your home is a big asset and you wouldn’t want to spend a lot and get less than the desired value. You might be thinking that selling a house will be expensive and never-ending, which is partially true. However, we would like to tell you how you can find ways to save money while selling your home quickly and cherish the yields of the sale.


Sell Your House for Cash

Selling your house for cash is the most feasible solution while selling your home, how? Selling a house for cash has several perks, the sale closes in a much faster timeline, which allows you to proceed with your timeline. Second, if you choose Elite Properties you can sell your house within 3 days, so if you have a tight deadline, you have a solution. Third, you are offered an all-cash offer which means you have immediate cash for your next purchase.


Avoid Real Estate Agents

As much as real estate agents are saviors in the home selling process sometimes it’s better not to pick them.


Hiring a real estate agent has many pros, but in the specified situation, there are none. When you hire an agent you are automatically liable to pay the fees in multiple facets like commission and sale profits. Paying additional costs might decrease the value of your sale and would not produce any profits. In the worst-case scenario, you would end up spending a lot rather than saving. Also, an agent will take his or her time to make a fast-paced sale which will again cost you dollars.


For Sale By Owner

A For Sale By Owner or FSBO listing is one thing that is accessible while trying to save money. The process can save you loads of money and can guarantee a profitable sale. There are many phases to such kind of a sale like; walkthroughs, attending prospects, marketing your property, etc. which will be solely done by yourself. Handling all these things at once might be challenging as it consumes a lot of your time. As a drawback, conducting showings and attending prospects personally will hamper your daily routine. You’ll have to perform repairs by yourself instead of a handyman, remember leave no space for any glitches.

Although, you can utilize the digital era to your advantage, taking pictures of your property (some exclusive drone shots) will help entice prospective buyers. You can list your property online for free on social media platforms that will serve you in gaining positive attention. By doing this you are cutting the costs of hiring a photographer and a broker which typifies an expenditure of more than a hundred dollars.


Sell House With Repair Discounts

Selling your house with repair discounts is the finest option to get away from a rugged property. If a part of your house is in bad condition or requires a little more than repair, you can list your property with a repair discount. A repair discount is when you sell your home by cutting a little chunk of the amount as a credit to the buyer to make further renovations. So instead of spending your equity, you can let the buyer make renovations according to his or her desired taste. Also, when you make repairs on your own the estimate will add construction costs, which is a mandated expense to your budget. You can sell your house in as-is condition to buy houses from cash companies it is one of the best options rather than doing repairs by yourself.


Consider DIY

As stated above doing things on your own will save you from bleeding dollars from your pocket. Your home is probably functioning great but what about aesthetics? You would require a painter, a handyman, and for minimal repairs probably a plumber. Hiring people for each job can be time, energy, and most importantly money consuming. Consider the ‘Do It Yourself technique, you can perform many things on your own like painting, cleaning, staging (if required), and repairing. This will work like magic on your estimates, as a result, you’ll save thousands of dollars, which helps in retaining your equity. Although DIYs are fun to do, you also have to keep in mind they will require all your efforts and time which you are surely running out of.


Sell Your House As-Is

Selling your house as-is is a better option than FSBO, how? FSBO listing will take up a lot of your time and energy whereas selling your home as-is will need none. This process doesn’t require a lot of time or any legal documentation as well. Selling your house as-is to cash buying companies will offer you a fair market value of your home by considering the condition of your house as well. They will also propose to you an all-cash, no-obligation offer which is a cherry on the cake.

If you want to sell your house fast for cash or have any queries regarding the real estate crisis we will be happy to help you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about ‘How can you save money while selling home’. Reach us at 718-977-5462 and we will provide quality solutions for all your problems.

When you are stuck in a rut and have no money to do the existential repairs, opt for selling your house as-is. Selling house as-is doesn’t require improvements before selling to companies that buy houses in any condition. You might be thinking how do I sell my house as-is fast? We have a complete plan of action that serves your purpose of a quick home sale. Scroll down below to see how selling as-is the best option in your tough times.


Selling Your House As-Is, What Does It Mean?

Selling your house as-is means: a seller selling the house in its existing condition with flaws and undone improvements. As-is defines “as it is”, which means the seller won’t pay any additional costs in doing the costly repairs. While transaction the seller and buyer should be in complete mutual agreement of the deal. The buyer has to sign a legal document which indicates he or she comprehends the conditions of the contract and is ready to buy house in any condition.


Why Selling Your House As-Is Is An Option?

There are many reasons why people choose selling house as-is as an option. Home sellers opt for this option where they find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford improvements or have a tight timeline in terms of migrating due to work. In such cases, people tend to sell house fast to exclude the troubles of getting into legal processes, additional closing and repairing costs. Some instances are also emotionally drowning where selling your house as-is is a wiser pick.

For example: when a couple ends up having a divorce or a family which is going through a financial crisis will prefer selling house as-is to avoid foreclosure. Financial distress, migration, unaffordable repairs stand to be the topmost reasons to sell house as-is.


How much do you lose selling a house as is?

The amount you could lose on an as-is sale of a house varies and is difficult to determine. According to, offers for as-is homes may range from 75% to 95% of what they would be if repairs or renovations were made. The condition of the house and the local real estate market are significant factors that affect the offer price. 

In a strong seller’s market, the gap between the offer price for an as-is sale and a regular sale may decrease or disappear entirely. Additionally, the location of the house plays a crucial role. If the house is in a highly desirable neighborhood or on prime property, its condition may matter less, and buyers may be willing to pay for the overall real estate package.


Is it a good idea to sell your house as-is?

Selling your house as-is can have both advantages and disadvantages. 

  • On the positive side, you can save money on repairs and staging costs, and put your house on the market right away. Additionally, the closing process may be smoother if your buyer has the necessary funds or access to a loan.
  • However, selling as-is may also mean a lower selling price, as buyers may be hesitant to pay full price for a property that needs work. You may also have fewer interested buyers, as the as-is designation can be a red flag for some. 
  • Finally, if the buyer is financing the purchase, their lender may require an appraisal and may not approve as large a loan if the home is in poor condition, potentially leading to an appraisal gap. 

Ultimately, the decision to sell as-is depends on your individual circumstances and priorities.


The Best Mode to Sell Your House As-Is Fast

The only best way to sell your house as-is fast is to sell it to we buy houses for cash companies. Elite Properties aids you in selling your house fast for cash. Companies tagged under the label we buy houses any condition proposes you with an all-cash offer. It is really important to avoid soaring your expectations from the deal. As a seller you have to keep in mind, you are selling your home in its existing condition without performing required improvements hence, you will be proposed with a low-balled offer. The good point here is that these companies provide you with an offer based on the current fair market value of your property. 


Benefits Of Selling a House As-Is For Cash

As stated above financial uncertainty leads you to an emotional trauma where the only option to get out of the problem is to sell your house as-is. Choosing the option of selling home as-is for cash provides you with multiple benefits. As you are not selling house by owner or with the help of a real estate agent you don’t have to perform a pre-listing inspection.

When they say ‘cash is the king’ it is certainly true. Although, you might achieve lowballed proceeds of the sale, it still covers your basic requirements. When you sell your house to cash buying companies it eases out the complicated home selling process. We would like to shed light on some benefits of selling your house as is for cash –

  • When you choose we buy houses any condition company, you eliminate expenditure on costly repairs
  • They don’t ask for any legal documents except the seller’s agreement, which eludes the hassles of legal documentation
  • Company like ‘Elite Properties’ allows you to sell your house within 3 days, this enables you to work according to your planned framework
  • The company proposes you a no obligation and fair all-cash offer
  • The company provides with the closing costs

How to sell a house as-is?


Be upfront that it’s as-is

To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, it’s important to be upfront about the as-is condition of the item or property you’re selling. This means clearly stating in your listings and advertisements that you won’t be making any repairs or addressing any issues. 

It’s also important to reiterate this during negotiations and to include it in writing in the purchase and sale agreement. By being transparent about the as-is condition, you can ensure a smoother and more honest transaction for both parties involved.


Don’t forget seller’s disclosures

When selling a house, it’s important to remember that even if you’re selling it “as-is,” you still have a legal obligation to disclose any known defects to potential buyers. This includes issues like mold or foundation cracks. 

Laws vary by state, but most require sellers to disclose any known defects and some even have specific forms for this purpose. Real estate agents are also required to disclose any known defects. 

However, you’re only responsible for disclosing information that’s within your personal knowledge, so you don’t have to go digging for problems. 

If there’s a possibility of serious defects, it may be a good idea to order a pre-listing inspection to identify them and set a fair price for the home.


Keep the place clean

Even if you can’t afford any major upgrades, it’s important to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible. This means regularly mowing the yard, keeping surfaces clean, making the beds, putting away dishes, and storing clutter out of sight. 

You can also make some small cosmetic fixes to improve the overall appearance of your home. And always be prepared for viewings by keeping your home in tip-top shape.


How low can you go on Price?

When it comes to negotiating a price for a property, it’s important to have a clear idea of your bottom line. This will help you make quick counteroffers and avoid wasting time on offers that are too low. 

A real estate agent can be a valuable resource in this process, providing guidance on what offers to reject and what you might be willing to compromise on. 

Keep in mind that even if you list your property “as-is,” some buyers may still request an inspection and try to renegotiate based on the results. If the repairs are minor and won’t significantly impact the deal, it may be worth agreeing to make them or adjusting your asking price accordingly.


Last Words

When you choose ‘Elite Properties’ you don’t get the need to deal with a realtor and get yourself in the lengthy home selling process. You can sell your house in any condition, any location to us and we will provide with an all-cash offer. Call us today on 718-977-5462 and sell your house as-is quickly at a fair price.

Are you planning to buy a home for the first time or are you among First-Time Home Buyers? Well, that’s undoubtedly a smart financial move. However, you may have to face certain challenges such as finding the right location or financing your purchase during the initial phase.

So, before you take a step ahead in achieving your American dream of homeownership, you should gain some practical knowledge of investing in real estate. It will help you get a bird’s eye view of the current market situation, ensure you won’t end in smoke, and make your abode journey easier.

Considerations Before You Take the Plunge

Here are some basic yet important questions you need to answer before proceeding. They will positively help you navigate in the right direction.

1. What Kind of Property Will Meet Your Needs?

Buying a home for the first time can be a test of your patience and forbearance. Don’t get us wrong, but finding a home that meets your needs is actually not a cinch. It’s better you start the journey by making a list of all the features/amenities you expect in your dream home.

Let’s say your goal is to have a spacious home located in the central area of NY with a small backyard. Then, you can either opt for brownstones or townhouses. If you want a cost-effective property with low maintenance, walk-up housing, which is the most common housing in New York, would serve your purpose. You have to figure out things according to your preferences and standard of living.

2. Do you qualify for the Mortgage You Expect?

During the home-buying process, it’s crucial for you to know how much mortgage you qualify for. You may plan to buy a home with a net worth of $450,000. However, the lender may not provide more than $250,000. Why?

The lender will analyze certain factors such as your total income, job security, and outstanding debts prior to assigning you the capital. They’ll directly say no if your debt-to-income ratio depicts that you’ll not be able to afford the mortgage payments. So, it’s a wise step to calculate your credit before applying for a mortgage loan.

3. Do You Have a Trusted Source Who’ll Guide You throughout the Process?

As we mentioned earlier, buying a home can be a daunting task. A trusted source can prove to be a boon for a first-time house buyer because no matter how much groundwork you do, there will always be something where you’ll feel the need of seeking professional help. A real estate agent can provide you with a number of options that match your expectations and are within your reach in terms of the price range. In addition to that, they can also help you get a loan, complete the paperwork legalities, and streamline the process. Therefore, you must contact an experienced real estate agent in NY to make your transition a hassle-free one.

Home Buying Process

Here are the five significant steps that can demystify the entire home-buying procedure.

1. Pick the Right Type of House

Contradictory to the common mindset, there are a plethora of affordable real estate properties for sale in NYC. Make sure to do thorough research on such properties, online as well as by paying a personal visit.

First, check out the houses on the internet by exploring the property listing pages of top real estate companies in NY. This way, you’ll get the description of available houses including their high-quality images.

Once you’re done, choose the top 10 or top 5 houses of your choice and contact the real estate agent for further details. Sort out the best property and move on to the next step for fulfilling your desire.

2. Explore Your Secure Financing Options

Assistance programs that offer low down payments and discounted interest rates for first-time buyers are available across different states of NY. Therefore, you must discuss the different types of mortgages with your real estate agent. Investing your time in exploring secure financial options may seem like a mentally draining process but, it will surely pay off in the long run.

3. Make an Offer

Many people get confused during the negotiation and end up frustrated. To avoid such situations, talk turkey to the real estate agent and decide a final price that you can offer for the property. Your real estate agent will then proceed and keep your proposal to the seller.

4. Consider Doing a Home Inspection

Once the seller agrees to your proposal, consider doing a home inspection by personally visiting the house. You can also hire a professional home inspector to save yourself from any kind of pitfalls. If you find something major that needs to be repaired, ask your seller to either do the needful or deduct the price from the final offer. First-Time Home Buyers should be very careful with this.

5. Close the Deal

You’ll need to sign a ton of legal papers while closing the deal. Carefully read the ‘legal jargon papers’; if everything falls into place, go ahead and sign the agreement to seal the deal.

Mistakes to Avoid as First-Time Buyer

Buying a home for the first time is indeed very special. Even the slightest mistake while buying a home can result in failure. To verify the following things first and then take a decision.

1. Looking for Home First and Loan Afterwards

This is the most common mistake that first-time buyers do and regret later. As a first-time home buyer, you need to keep in mind that the property might fall into foreclosure or short sales if you fail to repay the loan within the specified period. So instead of daydreaming about the home, face the practical world by visiting a lender’s office first.

2. Not Paying Attention during Home Inspection

All that glitters is not gold. Therefore, paying undivided attention during the home inspection is necessary. Make sure you access everything including the drainage system, roofing, plumbing, and electrical wiring.

3. Fraudster Alert

Don’t fall into the honey trap of fraud sellers who offer you unbelievable deals. The modus operandi of fraudsters is to take advantage of your ignorance. Stay cautious and understand all the clauses while you sign the agreement. The best way to avoid real estate fraud for First-Time Home Buyers is to seek professional help. It will significantly minimize real estate-related risks.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the more informed you are beforehand, the less stressful you’ll feel during the decision-making process for First-Time Home Buyers. Do follow these tips sincerely and we’re sure you’ll get your dream house in New York soon!

Probate sale might be one of the most used terms in today’s real estate sector. There’s no wonder that you are totally baffled when you hear it for the first time. The more you dig deeper, the more complicated it gets. Well, don’t get too perturbed yet. Allow us to save you from all the troubles of probate sales with this article.

Let’s start with the basics here.

What Exactly is a Probate Sale?

We are pretty much sure you’ve done a bit of research on this topic as of now. Whatever you’ve ‘googled’ and researched on the subject might be pretty much correct. A probate sale occurs when the current owner of the property has passed away without a will bequeathing the house to an heir. An estate attorney or a representative has to sell the property to liquidate the asset and distribute the money obtained from the sale to family members. Probate sale is put on by the probate court. It occurs when the court puts up the property for sale in the market. Even though this sounded simple, once you decide with proceeding with a probate sale the tables will start to turn.

How To Sell a Probate House in NYC?

Selling a probate house is not as simple as selling a home in New York. Not every homeowner’s deceased estate goes through probate too. Many estates can avoid regular probate by qualifying as “small estates” under state law. In a probate sale, the estate attorney hires an experienced real estate agent. It is for listing probate property in New York and selling the home. The price of these properties will be much lower than their current market value. We don’t expect the estate owners to make any repairs before you move in as the owner of the property is legally no more alive. This is a precautionary step by the court to make sure the property is at the best possible price.

The interested buyer is asked to put down at least 10 percent of the propose value as a deposit. The seller has the right to accept or reject the offer from the buyer. Once the seller agrees with the proposal, the court must confirm to make sure it’s a fair and square deal. The probate court will then approve the sale and the place where it should take place.

Once the property is set up for probate auction, anyone present in the courtroom may make a superior bid of at least five percent above the original bid. Once the offer is accepted both by the seller and the court, the administrator must send a Notice of Proposed Action to all the estate’s heirs. The allotment of fifteen days period to the heirs to come up with any objections or disagreements in the Notice.

It would be difficult to proceed all by yourself to enroll the estate in the probate court appealing for a probate sale. You might need the help of an experienced probate sale specialist or a professional real estate agent to sell your probate property without any hassle in NYC.

Should I Buy a Probate House in NY?

With America running behind crazy deals and offers on anything that they can grab, the market of probate sale houses in NYC has drastically grown these past years. You can list your property in probate sale cheaper than the house’s exact market value. But before jumping to conclusions, there are a few things that you need to know before buying a probate sale.

  1. Probate properties are properties without ownership. As the homeowner has already passed away without bequeathing a will for his/ her heir. So, don’t expect the probate court or the seller’s family to repair that leakage window or the missing pool equipment. What you see is what you get in a probate sale.
  2. Make sure you went thoroughly through the disclosures. There might be many complex factors that the naked eye might fail to notice. Get the help of an experienced probate sale agent to make sure everything goes smoothly and steadily.
  3. The representatives will produce the final court judgment. Make sure you are present at the court in person for the hearing.
  4. Since there are no contingencies in a probate sale, the seller does not have to wait for you to find a loan or sell your existing home. You can get advance approval from the present owners of the estate.
  5. Working with a real estate agent or a probate expert will always aid you in moving forward with the buy. Real estate agents in NYC can even give you probate sale packages for making the whole process hassle-free. Any agent can represent you. Only a probate sales professional can assure you whether the transaction is to manage correctly. So that you get the property and the terms and conditions you want.

Benefits of buying a probate property

1 . The price of the property you are going to buy is lower than any other property.
2.  There are very less opportunities for you as well as you to buy a probate property in real estate.
3.  A very limited number of people show interest in buying probate sales. So, there is very low competition.
4.  Probate sale benefits investors in a long run.

Risks of buying probate property

There are various risks of buying probate property which include:
1. The probate process takes too much time to complete.
2. Most of the probate houses are in very bad condition and they do need some repairs. It’ll help you if you’re looking to resell afterward.
3. You need to follow extra rules and regulations for this kind of sale. Thus, it makes the transaction more complicated.
4. The Previous homeowners cannot disclose any problems in the house as a part of the offer to sell. You should get a close home inspection of the proposed property.

How Does a Probate Begin?

The smooth transition of probate sales differs from state to state. Different country has different ways and rules on how to handle a probate sale. But, there are still a few things that are common to all probates.

The representative for the probate property will need to file a petition with the local probate court in NY where the deceased homeowner was living at the time of his/ her death. The death certificate and the original will (if exist) should be available. You should have it with you at the time of filing the petition for probate sale. The petitioner is require to send formal legal notices to all the heirs. He has to send legal notices to the known creditors and publish a legal notice in the local newspaper to alert all the other creditors. The court will then conduct a hearing so that any interested buyers are welcome to place a bid on the probate property.

Can we avoid Probate?

Yes, you can avoid probate on your own estate. All you have to do is plan ahead. People practice creating trust to avoid the probate process. Trust helps you add assets and these assets will skip the probate process.

Are you trying to sell or buy a property under short sale?

You probably must have heard the term “short sales” a lot in these past years. Short sales are something we hear more often when it comes down to the real estate area. Short Sale meaning isn’t something every commoner will understand. So, let us be more clear on the topic here. A short sale is when someone sells his house, with the awareness and approval of the mortgage lender for less than what he/she owes to the lender. If the lender accepts the terms, then you can proceed with selling the property.

For example, consider you’ve defaulted on the payments and your mortgage lender has filed a foreclosure in the bank against the property. Panicking won’t do anything when you are facing foreclosure. You can talk with the lender and put your property on short sale hoping for other buyers to buy the property. So, you owe your lender $500,000 but, the new interested buyer is only willing to pay $400,000 for the property. You might not be in a situation to pay off the difference amount too. So, convincing your lender to agree to a less amount than you owe is short sales.

Most lenders and banks agree to the terms as this is time-consuming and a lot of hassle. The final result is a win-win situation as the seller is no longer saddled with the debt and the buyer gets the property at a bargain price.

So, if you are selling or buying a property and are considering short sales in real estate, here are the top things you need to know before proceeding with short sales and fixing the deal…

Know the Difference Between Short Sales and Foreclosure

This is something most of you might get confused about. Short sales and foreclosure are entirely different scenarios. In a foreclosure, the role of the homeowner is slightly less than in short sales. People who try to avoid foreclosure by working out a deal with the lender or bank usually go for short sales. And there isn’t any tension about evicting the previous owners in short sales as in foreclosure. Well, things do get messy in foreclosure!

Unlike a foreclosure, short sales in real estate don’t impact your credit much. Still, it’ll damage your credit score but not for as long as the damage done by a foreclosure. You’ll even have the chance to apply for a home loan for two years while in short sales.

Takes A Lot of Time

A short sale doesn’t refer to the time involved as the whole term is somewhat misleading. A short sale can take up to five to nine months to close; sometimes even longer. If it’s the bank you are dealing with, don’t expect the bank to come to you and tell you how much it would accept for the property. So, what you must make sure of is that while negotiating with the interested buyer, you should get the price that has been approved by the lender or the bank for the property.

Finding a suitable buyer to buy a short-sale property or buy a short-sale house can be troublesome without the help of an experienced short-sale negotiator. So, the whole short sale process is time consuming and a bit nettling.

Make Sure You Are Eligible For Short Sales

Saving your property by avoiding foreclosure with short sales seems pretty alluring. But, have you cross-checked your eligibility for proceeding with the short sale services? You must meet all the criteria and might require written proof stating your eligibility from the bank or the mortgage lender. This itself will be time-consuming but have patience!

For being eligible for short sales, you must owe more money to the bank or the lender than the house’s total worth. If you are eligible for any loan modification, then you can rule out all the possibilities of a short sale approval. Written proof that states you can no longer afford the monthly payment and any proof of financial hardships, like being laid off or divorced or having excessive medical bills will make you eligible for proceeding with a short sale.

Make sure you pass all these eligibility criteria before even trying for short sales as this is full of hassle and time-consuming.

It’s Time You Consider a Helping Hand

Buying or selling the short-sale property will be a lot more troublesome if you are planning to go ahead alone. You’ll be facing a lot of pressure mentally and emotionally through the whole process. The first thing you need to do is find a trustworthy agent to sort out your problem. A real estate agent who’s experienced in every aspect of real estate can make a huge difference especially if you are selling short-sale property.

The short sale process involves a lot of legal procedures and paper works. It will leave you frustrated in no time. A Short Sale specialist who’s familiar with all these stages will help you push further without any difficulties. Well, the time flies, and you need to act more quickly in finding a buyer, or you can still face foreclosure.


Keeping your patience and confidence is the main key to every successful short sale. The right agent who knows his way around will be a boosting factor when going for short sales in real estate. Also, beware of the cunning smiling-faced agents who disguise and mislead you by offering a helping hand when you are vulnerable.

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