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What Is An Open House?

An open house or a walkthrough is a time when potential buyers can visit the property for a viewing. This usually occurs when a broker asks the owners or renters to vacate the property in order to keep it vacant for others to see and evaluate the space. An open house can also be seen as a way of advertising the property to attract more buyers. If you are a homeowner and considering keeping a walkthrough, keep reading about what is an open house.

How Does An Open House Work?

In real estate, trading properties is an example of a relatively illiquid market consisting of diverse products. Each property will be different from another even if they co-exist in the same neighborhood. The process starts by vacating the property post which the seller or the seller’s agent allows the buyers to enter and have a walk through the place. The house tour proceeds with the real estate agent’s assistance or the seller’s if it’s an FSBO.

The motive of a walkthrough is to offer an ample amount of time to buyers and secure their interest. They additionally get a chance to evaluate the home as well as the surrounding area. Also, it’s always a better idea to attend an open house instead of booking a brief appointment with a broker. Open houses are often set up on the weekends. Sundays in particular, the reason being the availability of maximum people. Furthermore, some owners or agents make it fun by serving coffee, drinks, or hors d’oeuvres at a walkthrough event.

Pros and Cons of Open Houses

For people who want to sell houses fast, an open house provides the opportunity to attract buyers. A good set-up event can interest more buyers leading to a profitable offer. Real estate agents often suggest that homeowners keep an open house on the first-weekend post after the property goes up for sale. As beneficial as it sounds, a walkthrough has certain pros and cons. Some sellers say open houses are too much work, sometimes even more than the house’s worth.

Here are some pros and cons of an open house that you may comprehend


  • Entices curious buyers
  • Alerts the real estate agents about the issues with the house through visitor feedback
  • May steer to an immediate offer


  • Can involve more effort in organizing than the house’s worth
  • Online listings can get more potential buyers in less time
  • Homeowners need to leave their homes during all open houses

As a homeowner, you must leave the property for other people to view it. This means you’ll have to make arrangements for pets and children if any that will cost you a lot. Owners also need to remove personal belongings to deter buyers from imagining themselves in the house. Additionally, it also means safeguarding your personal stuff that can be on the verge of theft.

A Broker’s Open House

Unlike the traditional open house, a broker’s open house is only meant for real estate professionals and not the public. A broker’s open house intention is to allow realtors to view the property, and solicit professional opinions and its price. It is also an opportunity for agents to spread the word about a good property and gain clients.

A broker’s open house is often kept on weekdays or midweek when the availability of agents is more. The availability of agents is usually less on weekends as they are busy with clients in walkthroughs.

Bottom Line

Walkthroughs or open houses irrespective of the term, it’s a good way to advertise and sell your house fast. Although, it can take a toll on your head with people constantly visiting your place. Furthermore, managing stays and improvements will definitely cost you hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for a swift solution and don’t want to compromise on your home’s worth you can get in touch with Elite Properties. We are a cash buying company that offers a fair all-cash offer in any location and under any condition. Give us a call at 718-977-5462 and learn more about the home selling process.

Life has become easy since technology evolved, it has changed the way people perceive things. Whether it’s grocery shopping or buying electronics. People today, have also started to look for properties over the web. If you’re planning to sell your house then read these effective tips for selling your home fast in the digital age.

There is a huge chunk of the population that buys properties online in New York, and the numbers are increasing every day. In the age of the internet and tech-savvy surfers, it is vital for a seller to know how to sell her house online. There is a lot that goes in while selling your home like planning a strategy to promote your property. A comprehensive marketing plan will bring online prospects to your doorstep.


1. Hire A Professional Photographer     

Professional photography of your property may make or break a deal. It is usually a buyer market online which means your competition as a seller is more notable. Potential buyers will scroll on the listings and look for properties that fit their requisites. The first thing a buyer will notice is the quality of your pictures additionally if it showcases every angle of your house. You’ll need a carousel of images that show every corner of your house in detail. Additionally, you’ll also have to click pictures of the exteriors like the verandah or backyard to show the surrounding area.

Working with a professional photographer will enable you to entice more buyers with excellent images. Putting up high-quality images will decide how quickly you get potential buyers from the internet to your doorstep.


2. Make Walkthrough Videos of your House

Videos can be a decisive factor when it comes to selling your home. It is a persuasive tool that enables buyers to consider the property for purchase. Sometimes images don’t justify the property you list online, videos on the other hand capture every little detail. When you combine pictures with videos it offers a realistic approach to prospects.

There might be buyers looking for property from another state or city, what’d you do then? Here, videos can be an accessible factor to know about the property as well as the neighborhood without traveling. Besides, when you make a video it offers a walkthrough experience for buyers and you save a lot of time. If you are planning to list your property online make sure you make a video of your house.


3. Promote Your Property On Social Media

Social media helps a lot when you are listing your property online. It increases the exposure of your listing and creates a platform for people to view your property. There are so many non-buyers and buyers who engage in discovering and sharing listings, which boosts your listing as well. Once you list your property over the internet, your listing can be a part of multiple campaigns. For example, your property can be a part of a Facebook “for sale” campaign which redirects to the MLS page. Here, your property will be directly linked with the post/campaign, which will give your property the needed exposure.


4. Stage Your House 

You may click amazing pictures or make videos of your property but how will you hide the cluttered kitchen? Staging is a vital step while listing your property online or offline. Shifting furniture and decluttering your home can create wonders. You don’t need a professional stager to make your house beautiful. Fixing the drainage and HVAC units, and clearing personal stuff while clicking pictures makes your home look tidy and attractive.


5. Accurate Pricing of your House

Many home sellers miss out on this one. When you put an unrealistic price it is evident that your property will be skipped to the next. If you are pricing your home high keep in mind you’ll have to justify its price. If your home has all the amenities and features listed online, buyers will pay the price even if it is on the higher side.


Selling Your Home To Elite Properties

At Elite Properties we buy properties online New York, whether you want to sell your distressed home or want cash for homes we do it all. Selling your home online needs a lot of effort and is time-consuming. With us, you can sell your home within 3 days in any condition. Furthermore, we offer a fair market value to our clients. Call us today at 718-977-5462 to know more.

Listing your home and waiting for it to sell is a tedious task. Home selling can take up to a few weeks to a year depending on the condition of your house. If a house sits on the market for more than a month it loses its value. People consider it a negative sign thinking the house may have certain defects making it unsellable. If you think your house has been sitting on the market for a long time you may try these methods to sell your house fast.

Things you can do to sell your house fast…

1. Set A Realistic Price

Setting a realistic price for a house is a vital step toward faster home selling. High pricing is the most common mistake made by home sellers. Setting a realistic price for your home is a big challenge. It is recommended to take professional help before fixing the price in alignment with the fair market value of the house. 

In such circumstances, you may consider slashing the price of your house. It is advised to wait for three weeks to a month before dropping the price of your house. The National Association of Realtors state around 40% of home sellers reduce the price of their properties at least once. You must be thinking what is the exact amount to attract buyers? There is nothing like a precise amount but you may consider reducing a significant amount from the total value. Although, deducting some thousand dollars may help gain attention to your house.

2. Lack Of Staging

For a buyer to buy any product or service, it should be appealing to the eyes. Similarly, for houses, it is an essential aspect to stage them properly to make them appealing. A staged home will sell fast for cash than any other house. While listing your home in the market make sure you stage it nicely to entice potential buyers. You can take some ideas from Pinterest or hire a professional stager to make the work easy.

3. Consider Making Improvements

Curb appeal will make faster sales. When you do improvements in your house just before listing it gives a good impression on buyers. Enhancing the interiors of the house requires staging, similarly, the exteriors need enticing curb appeal. Having mold-infected exteriors, untrimmed lawns, leaking pipes, etc. may result in delayed sales. The fix here is to carry out an improvement session to address the basic problem areas of your house.

4. Bad Quality House Pictures May Delay Sales

Nowadays buyers prefer viewing properties online instead of stepping out for house hunting. The National Association of Realtors state that around 87% of buyers find online listing useful. If you have listed your home online and it still isn’t selling, the reason might be poor pictures. Make sure your pictures are not blurry as you’ll be uploading them online for potential buyers. You can click pictures yourself or hire a professional photographer. 

5. Avoid Selling Your House In Winter

Winter is the slower time of the year when sales are typically low.  It is the holiday season when people move out of the cities for social engagements or to go on holiday to warm places. There are chances that your house may take longer to sell or you may have to sell for a lower price. It is advisable to wait for winter to pass on instead of selling during this period. Although selling your house in winter is not an ideal situation; you can still sell it to buyers who are on a house hunt.

6. Keep Renting As An Option

If you’re having a hard time selling your house you can try renting. When you rent your house it promises monthly cash which is a good option when you are running out of savings. If you have moved out already and have the pressure of paying two mortgages then renting can be an ideal option. It will allow an ample amount of time and aid in saving money in the future.

7. Sell To A Cash Buying Company

If you are running out of time and are looking for a solution you can contact companies that give cash for homes. Elite Properties is one such company that buys remodeled houses New York. We close a deal in as less than 7 days, which makes you move with your plans at a faster pace. Selling your house to a cash buying company promises faster sales with no hassles paperwork.

When you are stuck in a rut and have no money to do the existential repairs, opt for selling your house as-is. Selling house as-is doesn’t require improvements before selling to companies that buy houses in any condition. You might be thinking how do I sell my house as-is fast? We have a complete plan of action that serves your purpose of a quick home sale. Scroll down below to see how selling as-is the best option in your tough times.


Selling Your House As-Is, What Does It Mean?

Selling your house as-is means: a seller selling the house in its existing condition with flaws and undone improvements. As-is defines “as it is”, which means the seller won’t pay any additional costs in doing the costly repairs. While transaction the seller and buyer should be in complete mutual agreement of the deal. The buyer has to sign a legal document which indicates he or she comprehends the conditions of the contract and is ready to buy house in any condition.


Why Selling Your House As-Is Is An Option?

There are many reasons why people choose selling house as-is as an option. Home sellers opt for this option where they find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford improvements or have a tight timeline in terms of migrating due to work. In such cases, people tend to sell house fast to exclude the troubles of getting into legal processes, additional closing and repairing costs. Some instances are also emotionally drowning where selling your house as-is is a wiser pick.

For example: when a couple ends up having a divorce or a family which is going through a financial crisis will prefer selling house as-is to avoid foreclosure. Financial distress, migration, unaffordable repairs stand to be the topmost reasons to sell house as-is.


How much do you lose selling a house as is?

The amount you could lose on an as-is sale of a house varies and is difficult to determine. According to, offers for as-is homes may range from 75% to 95% of what they would be if repairs or renovations were made. The condition of the house and the local real estate market are significant factors that affect the offer price. 

In a strong seller’s market, the gap between the offer price for an as-is sale and a regular sale may decrease or disappear entirely. Additionally, the location of the house plays a crucial role. If the house is in a highly desirable neighborhood or on prime property, its condition may matter less, and buyers may be willing to pay for the overall real estate package.


Is it a good idea to sell your house as-is?

Selling your house as-is can have both advantages and disadvantages. 

  • On the positive side, you can save money on repairs and staging costs, and put your house on the market right away. Additionally, the closing process may be smoother if your buyer has the necessary funds or access to a loan.
  • However, selling as-is may also mean a lower selling price, as buyers may be hesitant to pay full price for a property that needs work. You may also have fewer interested buyers, as the as-is designation can be a red flag for some. 
  • Finally, if the buyer is financing the purchase, their lender may require an appraisal and may not approve as large a loan if the home is in poor condition, potentially leading to an appraisal gap. 

Ultimately, the decision to sell as-is depends on your individual circumstances and priorities.


The Best Mode to Sell Your House As-Is Fast

The only best way to sell your house as-is fast is to sell it to we buy houses for cash companies. Elite Properties aids you in selling your house fast for cash. Companies tagged under the label we buy houses any condition proposes you with an all-cash offer. It is really important to avoid soaring your expectations from the deal. As a seller you have to keep in mind, you are selling your home in its existing condition without performing required improvements hence, you will be proposed with a low-balled offer. The good point here is that these companies provide you with an offer based on the current fair market value of your property. 


Benefits Of Selling a House As-Is For Cash

As stated above financial uncertainty leads you to an emotional trauma where the only option to get out of the problem is to sell your house as-is. Choosing the option of selling home as-is for cash provides you with multiple benefits. As you are not selling house by owner or with the help of a real estate agent you don’t have to perform a pre-listing inspection.

When they say ‘cash is the king’ it is certainly true. Although, you might achieve lowballed proceeds of the sale, it still covers your basic requirements. When you sell your house to cash buying companies it eases out the complicated home selling process. We would like to shed light on some benefits of selling your house as is for cash –

  • When you choose we buy houses any condition company, you eliminate expenditure on costly repairs
  • They don’t ask for any legal documents except the seller’s agreement, which eludes the hassles of legal documentation
  • Company like ‘Elite Properties’ allows you to sell your house within 3 days, this enables you to work according to your planned framework
  • The company proposes you a no obligation and fair all-cash offer
  • The company provides with the closing costs

How to sell a house as-is?


Be upfront that it’s as-is

To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, it’s important to be upfront about the as-is condition of the item or property you’re selling. This means clearly stating in your listings and advertisements that you won’t be making any repairs or addressing any issues. 

It’s also important to reiterate this during negotiations and to include it in writing in the purchase and sale agreement. By being transparent about the as-is condition, you can ensure a smoother and more honest transaction for both parties involved.


Don’t forget seller’s disclosures

When selling a house, it’s important to remember that even if you’re selling it “as-is,” you still have a legal obligation to disclose any known defects to potential buyers. This includes issues like mold or foundation cracks. 

Laws vary by state, but most require sellers to disclose any known defects and some even have specific forms for this purpose. Real estate agents are also required to disclose any known defects. 

However, you’re only responsible for disclosing information that’s within your personal knowledge, so you don’t have to go digging for problems. 

If there’s a possibility of serious defects, it may be a good idea to order a pre-listing inspection to identify them and set a fair price for the home.


Keep the place clean

Even if you can’t afford any major upgrades, it’s important to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible. This means regularly mowing the yard, keeping surfaces clean, making the beds, putting away dishes, and storing clutter out of sight. 

You can also make some small cosmetic fixes to improve the overall appearance of your home. And always be prepared for viewings by keeping your home in tip-top shape.


How low can you go on Price?

When it comes to negotiating a price for a property, it’s important to have a clear idea of your bottom line. This will help you make quick counteroffers and avoid wasting time on offers that are too low. 

A real estate agent can be a valuable resource in this process, providing guidance on what offers to reject and what you might be willing to compromise on. 

Keep in mind that even if you list your property “as-is,” some buyers may still request an inspection and try to renegotiate based on the results. If the repairs are minor and won’t significantly impact the deal, it may be worth agreeing to make them or adjusting your asking price accordingly.


Last Words

When you choose ‘Elite Properties’ you don’t get the need to deal with a realtor and get yourself in the lengthy home selling process. You can sell your house in any condition, any location to us and we will provide with an all-cash offer. Call us today on 718-977-5462 and sell your house as-is quickly at a fair price.

Maximum homeowners with big houses wish to keep tenants for a passive income. Although, the dream of having cooperative tenants who timely pay rent hardly exists, in most cases it is non-existent.

In such situations, you tend to feel helpless and are likely to seek help with the home selling process. If you are one of those who are stuck in a rut, then you can learn how to sell a house with bad tenants.

Difficulties That Occur While Dealing With Tenants

Troublesome is the word; tenants are known to be the problem creators of the tiniest issues. There are multiple reasons that landlords are forced to evict tenants or drag them to court. Reasons like property damages, inopportune rent/bill payers, pet owners, whiners, etc. These are some of the difficulties that occur while dealing with bad tenants. Here, you have to make sure that you screen your tenants thoroughly before letting them in.

1) Issues That Landlords Face While Deciding To Sell House Fast

Every issue has a specific outcome. Selling a house that has a bad reputation is impossible, nobody invests in a property that is low in standards. While you are planning to sell your house fast, there are obstacles that influence the home sale. Issues like high turnover rates, late rent payments, legal troubles, constant evictions, and disruptive tenants make it much more challenging. Other secondary things like pest problems, broken appliances, and roofing issues are some of the improvement issues that a landlord faces.   

2) Is It Possible To Sell My House With Sitting Tenants?

Nothing stops you, you can still sell your house fast and list your property on the market. The only struggle will be to spot potential buyers. You’ll have to try hard to collect interested buyers and tell them about the complete tenant situation. If you are still struggling to get access to the property then you are left with two options which are –

  • Look for a clause in the agreement that allows access under specific circumstances, where one can legally access property by giving 24 hours of notice.
  •  Option two, offer a one-off reduction to the tenants

2.1) Consider Eviction

If your tenant is violating clauses from the agreement you can take legal action. It is highly advised not to lose your calm as it will make things worse. If situations still slip out of your hand then eviction is the only option left. You’ll have to approach a legal upper hand and go through the legal processes. You can contact we buy houses New York companies and get things done. The company will buy your house for cash and also take care of the tenants as well.

Companies like ‘Elite Properties’ will provide you with a fair, all-cash offer. You can sell your house within 3 days in any condition and still get a profitable deal.

2.2) Know Your Landlord’s Rights

The most important thing you would want to note down is the decision of selling the property is not affected by any means. If you have a tenant that has an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement then it gives them the right to stay until the contract expires.

If you have signed an open-ended agreement that has no expiry date then start looking for a break clause that permits you to lay off the tenancy agreement. Lastly, if you are uncertain about the situation then consult a solicitor.

3) Sell My House Fast

Many people get stuck while selling their house, why? People have a misconception that if they sell their house fast, will they receive the cash? The answer is yes. Selling your house to companies that buy houses for cash will provide you with fair deals additionally, they buy your house as is. If your situation is desperate and the tenants are not willing to move out, this is an ideal option for you.

You can also sell your house as is with or without tenants, get in touch with we buy rental properties company like Elite Properties. They buy houses for cash and take care of the rest of the procedures like sending notices to tenants, preparing documents, etc. Selling your home to a ‘we buy houses for cash’ company will make the home selling process quick and keep you away from all the legal hassles as well.

Before You Dive In To Sell Your House with Bad Tenants

We hope you consider the given conduct and try to take each step with utter precaution. In the blog above we have mentioned how to deal with bad tenants and make faster sales. Furthermore, you can contact ‘Elite Properties’ in New York and get all your real estate issues sorted before you end up in a mess. 

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