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Effective Tips For Selling Your Home Fast In The Digital Age

Life has become easy since technology evolved, it has changed the way people perceive things. Whether it’s grocery shopping or buying electronics. People today, have also started to look for properties over the web. If you’re planning to sell your house then read these effective tips for selling your home fast in the digital age.

There is a huge chunk of the population that buys properties online in New York, and the numbers are increasing every day. In the age of the internet and tech-savvy surfers, it is vital for a seller to know how to sell her house online. There is a lot that goes in while selling your home like planning a strategy to promote your property. A comprehensive marketing plan will bring online prospects to your doorstep.


1. Hire A Professional Photographer     

Professional photography of your property may make or break a deal. It is usually a buyer market online which means your competition as a seller is more notable. Potential buyers will scroll on the listings and look for properties that fit their requisites. The first thing a buyer will notice is the quality of your pictures additionally if it showcases every angle of your house. You’ll need a carousel of images that show every corner of your house in detail. Additionally, you’ll also have to click pictures of the exteriors like the verandah or backyard to show the surrounding area.

Working with a professional photographer will enable you to entice more buyers with excellent images. Putting up high-quality images will decide how quickly you get potential buyers from the internet to your doorstep.


2. Make Walkthrough Videos of your House

Videos can be a decisive factor when it comes to selling your home. It is a persuasive tool that enables buyers to consider the property for purchase. Sometimes images don’t justify the property you list online, videos on the other hand capture every little detail. When you combine pictures with videos it offers a realistic approach to prospects.

There might be buyers looking for property from another state or city, what’d you do then? Here, videos can be an accessible factor to know about the property as well as the neighborhood without traveling. Besides, when you make a video it offers a walkthrough experience for buyers and you save a lot of time. If you are planning to list your property online make sure you make a video of your house.


3. Promote Your Property On Social Media

Social media helps a lot when you are listing your property online. It increases the exposure of your listing and creates a platform for people to view your property. There are so many non-buyers and buyers who engage in discovering and sharing listings, which boosts your listing as well. Once you list your property over the internet, your listing can be a part of multiple campaigns. For example, your property can be a part of a Facebook “for sale” campaign which redirects to the MLS page. Here, your property will be directly linked with the post/campaign, which will give your property the needed exposure.


4. Stage Your House 

You may click amazing pictures or make videos of your property but how will you hide the cluttered kitchen? Staging is a vital step while listing your property online or offline. Shifting furniture and decluttering your home can create wonders. You don’t need a professional stager to make your house beautiful. Fixing the drainage and HVAC units, and clearing personal stuff while clicking pictures makes your home look tidy and attractive.


5. Accurate Pricing of your House

Many home sellers miss out on this one. When you put an unrealistic price it is evident that your property will be skipped to the next. If you are pricing your home high keep in mind you’ll have to justify its price. If your home has all the amenities and features listed online, buyers will pay the price even if it is on the higher side.


Selling Your Home To Elite Properties

At Elite Properties we buy properties online New York, whether you want to sell your distressed home or want cash for homes we do it all. Selling your home online needs a lot of effort and is time-consuming. With us, you can sell your home within 3 days in any condition. Furthermore, we offer a fair market value to our clients. Call us today at 718-977-5462 to know more.

When it comes to a home selling process in real estate, selling psychology is always a part of it. When you sell your house there’s always an underlining message you put out for your buyers. You may not be aware of it but you’ve been sending these messages to buyers secretly. In these cases, you might want to send the right message to potential buyers. It is essential to understand the demography of buyers and your locality. For eg: If there are grad students residing in your neighborhood or there might be a retired couple. When home selling psychology comes into play, you have to picture who your ideal buyer is and think accordingly from a buyer’s perspective.


Clutter Can Be A Strong ‘NO’ For Buyers 

For a buyer, it is important to feel homely while picturing themselves in the house they’re visiting. When you have your personal belongings lying in the house while walkthrough, sellers may feel a bit intrusive. No buyer should feel as they are invading your personal space rather should feel homely and imagine themselves residing there.


What’s The Solution?  

Cleaning up personal items such as trophies, family portraits, collages, etc. can help avoid such awkward situations.


Take Time In Preparing Your Home     

Buyers will never make significant changes in the house unless they’re a real estate investor. If a buyer has infants or toddlers in a family they’d not buy a house with a pool or lavish landscapes. Besides, even staging your house excessively will have certain drawbacks. In order to keep your home tidy, you don’t necessarily need to stage it. A well-planned staging with minimal neutral upgrades can sell your house fast for cash. Eventually, it is vital to understand the buyer’s demography and make upgrades accordingly.


What’s The Solution?

As it might be difficult for you to understand initially who your buyers are? You can always switch to keeping the tone of your house neutral. Having a neutral room can allow buyers to put ideas into perspective. However, you can do basic upgrades like plumbing and fixing the roofs, etc., and avoid extra decor to make your house look beautiful.


It Is Important To Have A Purpose

Defining the purpose of each room can sell your house fast. Most people have a room for multiple purposes. For eg: A storeroom, which is also your gym or office space that has a play area. If this is the condition of your rooms as well then you might want to start defining the purpose of each room. Setting a room that is multifunctional can be practical for your family. Although, as a potential buyer it can still be a little confusing for them to understand the purpose of the room/s.


What’s The Solution?

If you have a total of 3 rooms excluding the kitchen and living area make sure the other three rooms are plain and neutral. Avoid creating chaos by having a multipurpose or multifunctional room while selling your home. Let the buyers have the advantage to think about how the rooms can serve their purpose.


Sell Your House With Elite Properties

A traditional home for sale method will require money, time, and energy. You can contact Elite Properties they are cash buying company that provides cash for homes New York. Selling house to a cash buyer (selling psychology) is much feasible as they don’t charge you any upfront costs. You can sell your house within 3 days in any condition and we will pay your closing cost. Call us today for an offer at 718-977-5462.

Selling a home is an arduous task, it requires a lot of time, effort, and money. As easy as it looks, it becomes more challenging with each progressing step. Some homemakers make the home selling process seem like finding a needle in the haystack, whereas it is a laid-back method if you avoid these 7 home selling mistakes for a profitable sale.

There are innumerable home-selling mistakes that homeowners make, and very often they are common with every house and house owner. If these mistakes can be prevented there is a possibility of a homeowner increasing the yields of the sale by raising the profits by half or more. You must be thinking what are these mistakes? And how to avoid them? The answer is; that we will brief you on all the home selling mistakes, so you have a guaranteed sale. If you are a first-time home seller then scroll down below for the insights.


Incorrect or High Pricing of Home


Incorrect pricing is the topmost reason for home sales fall through. No matter how emotionally connected you are with your property, the truth is; that a home will never be sold if priced incorrectly or high in that case. For you, your property might be the best one, although for others it may be just a functional piece with less or more amenities. It is important for you to detach the emotional ride and adopt a perspective of a potential buyer, and look for improvisations.

A competitive price will always attract potential buyers, this does not mean you have to set a lowballed or a high offer. A high price will drive away buyers whereas a low offer will make them lose interest in the house, thinking the property may have defects.


The Mistake of an Unprepared Sale


Another mistake home sellers make is neglecting necessary repairs; you can’t sell a home that has sewage issues or a leaking ceiling. Remember the first impression is the last impression and the same applies in real estate as well. A buyer can and will pay a high price if your home looks beautiful and is fully functional.

  • The first thing to keep in mind before you proceed with the walkthroughs is to make repairs wherever necessary.

  • Second, enhance the curb appeal of your house; mowing the lawn, painting the walls, cutting excess growth of plants, and little things like these will go a long way.

  • The third thing is to do optimum staging, staging your home can make anyone fall in love with your house. Light scented candles, paint neutral colors on the wall, put DIY handicrafts, keep pets away don’t let clutter dominate the beauty of your residence.

It is very easy to negate such issues, but a little or so these concerns might blatantly cause a fall through in sales. Not preparing your home according to the prerequisites of a walkthrough might be your last mistake. While you are letting others in, make sure you show them each corner of your home.

De-cluttering your home, vacating congested spaces and staging are some pro tips for a successful walkthrough. By doing so you are improvising the sale proceeds as well as making a good impression of yourself and the home in the eyes of the buyer. Make sure you show each niche of your house so that no stones are left unturned. Highlight the dead spaces so that they can create something of their own and design the place according to their taste.


Not Being Flexible With Showings


The fact is undeniable that walkthroughs or showings do require time and effort. Potential prospects must feel warm and welcomed as soon as they enter your house, no visitor would want to see a shabby house with stuff scattered everywhere. If you can’t schedule your timings according to the prospects, you’re at a big loss. There are going to be tough and rigid timelines but being flexible is the only way out, a little time can turn into a big profit someday. Plan your day according to the visitor’s timeline so that the process of the walkthrough can be easy and stress-free.


Not Maintaining Transparency with Potential Buyers


Another home selling mistake is being dishonest with buyers. This is the main cause of the fall in sales, evidently because homeowners hide the conditions of their houses. There are a lot of aspects that fall into a good sale unfortunately being opaque is not of them. To avoid this mistake you can create a complete documentation of done repairs. Repairs are required and money is spent altogether inclusive of insurance and taxes. The buyer is convinced that there are no issues lurking beneath the surface.

Proper disclosures are really important while selling your home. In some states being dishonest with buyers can fail your sale and lead you to a lawsuit. It is advisable to talk to the prospects and guide them through the nook and corner of even the ugliest areas. 


Avoiding Flexibility with Negotiations


It’s always good to have an open mindset while you put your home on the market. Negotiating terms before selling your home might give you a profitable sale. Try melting the terms mutually, being stubborn and asking for a higher price might lead to a major loss. 


You’re Probably Listing at the Wrong Time of Year


While home selling is carried out throughout the year. There are still some perks of selling it at the right time of the year. The question is, what is the appropriate time for selling your house? The answer is late February to Mid-May. Listing your home in colder months would come with many cons. Like, improper or naught walkthrough requests, no space for necessary improvements, and the house looks drab and covered in snow. Your home might sit back in the market for longer than expected due to the lack of home buyer interest. Listing your home at the right time will give you better chances of selling quicker.


Do Not Avoid We Buy House for Cash Offers


We comprehend selling your home needs a lot of time, money, and energy. If you are in a situation where selling your home is taking a toll on your head then sell it to us at Elite Properties. Selling your house to ‘companies that buy houses for cash’ guarantees you a profitable sale, and as a bonus ‘we buy houses in any condition’ means; selling a home at your convenience.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut and want to make a faster sale then contact us at 718-977-5462 or reach out at Elite Properties. Sell your house fast for cash and make the home selling process easy. We won’t request any documents or any efforts to stage your home.

A home is an extremely big asset for couples. When a couple chooses to separate, the relationship as well as the house also goes through a lot. A divorce comes with a lot of deliberations and mutual agreements which is important for the long run. Here, your part is to decide whether you want to sell your house or buy out to your spouse. Given below is a guide to Sell Your Home fast after the divorce which will help you with your existing chaotic situations.

If you have chosen to sell your house, there are many things down the lane waiting for you. Selling your home is a long and lengthy process, it isn’t a smooth run. In such a case, the best way out of it is to talk it out with your partner. Mutual decisions go a long way and where real estate is involved it can be extremely expensive and hard on pockets. It is the tight sure way to Sell Your Home fast.

Sell and Split

The best option which will reduce the disagreements is selling your house and splitting the proceeds of the sale equally. Why selling your house is a feasible option? First, neither of the spouses can afford the maintenance of the property. If the couple has kids it can double the expenses, with the ongoing expenses of divorce it can be a tough situation to tackle. Selling your house for cash is a feasible option because the proceeds of the sale can be split equally. Therefore, selling your house is an optimal solution for multiple reasons.

Buy Out the House

The second option is to buy out the house which means; the spouse who wants to maintain the ownership would recompense the other with half of the share. They can share a part or whole value of the house which can be transferred to the other half as a settlement of the divorce. Here, the spouse on the receiving end gets to keep a part of the house and receive the calculated share once it is sold.

Hold On To the House

If a couple with children is getting divorced, they would choose to hold on to the house. In this case, the couple can hold on without altering the ownership. You can choose to stay until your children move out for work. This can only happen when the couple can bear each other’s differences and think financially.

Sorting Out the Mortgage

Before taking a step to sell your home, you will be accountable to ask questions yourself. Questions like what are your income requirements if you chose to keep the house and retain ownership? What aspects would come into play if you sell your house? Will my children be affected by the decision, what are their needs? Etc. Once you know the answers, you can move ahead.

If a couple has a joint mortgage, they usually prefer to sort the mortgage on a single name (either of the spouse’s names). It is beneficial from both sides because the person residing in the house won’t rely on another half for the mortgage. Lastly, the person who discards the name from the mortgage can lend more money for a new home as they are exempt from the joint mortgage.

Understanding Your Property Rights

A house is an immensely big asset for one to keep. If you are going through a divorce, it becomes necessary to protect and understand your property rights. Securing property rights saves you from any felonies that your partner does without any knowledge. Home rights ensure neither partner can’t be forced to vacate the home even if it is under their ownership or not.

It is important to be aware of the laws and regulations while going through a divorce. The “Family Law Act” gives access to:

  • Staying in your home unless a court order states to vacate the residence
  • You will be notified of any repossession action taken by your mortgage lender
  • If you have moved out, you can urge the court to grant permission for returning back

Sell your house fast for cash

As stated earlier in the blog, selling your house is the fastest solution after a divorce. Selling your home to cash buying companies eludes the chaos of legal processes and additional costs. Elite Properties is a reliable company when you choose to sell your house fast for cash. We buy houses all cash so you can sell your house within 3 days and move on with a new life. Rest assured we will buy a house in any condition, any location.

A divorce is a tiresome process that can drain you mentally. To Sell Your Home fast for cash will save you time, money, and energy, you can split the yields and move ahead with the rest of your plans. If you have any queries regarding the same you can call us at 718-977-5462 or visit us at Elite Properties we will provide you the best possible solution in your rough time.

Selling a home is a daunting process, it is said to be a very exhausting period in a homeowner’s life. You need to know how to sell your house fast. The home selling process involves a lot of legal procedures and paperwork, which causes havoc. The whole phase is a combination of financial, physical, and mental concerns that an individual goes through.

In this catastrophic situation, we would like you to find out the 5 do’s and don’ts of selling your house fast.

Significant Do’s and Don’ts

Scroll down below to see the top 5 important do’s and don’ts that will accelerate the home selling process.

1. Repay Debts, Keep Legal Documents In Place

Do’s –

Firstly, it is important to keep your documents in order for the legal processes that will take place in the future. You will need documents like the sale deed, mother deed, and other mandatory documents required for selling the home. Additionally, it is highly advised to repay the outstanding encumbrances, which will help in building trust with the potential buyer.

Don’ts –

If you miss any important document while preparing to sell your house, you might be in big trouble. A missing document will prolong the sale and you won’t receive hefty profits on the property. If you misplace a deed the buyer will propose a lowballed price for your home, which is a big loss. Similarly, if you have any remaining debts, you must clear them off beforehand to obtain a decent credit score.

2. Preparing Your House For Sale

Do’s –

Shabby conditions are not acceptable, you must make the required improvements to convince buyers. There are multiple prerequisites that should be satisfied before you list your house for sale. Basic things like moving the furniture and spacing out the area will do the trick. Decluttering unwanted items will make your home look voluminous and airy, which eventually entices buyers.

Don’ts –

If you are carrying out improvements, you should keep in mind; that overdoing thing will not help. As repairs need a substantial amount of money, it also requires an ample amount of time. It is suggested not to overdo unnecessary repairs or improvements, as it will cost you a handsome amount of money.

3. Market And List Your Home

Do’s –

Marketing can create wonders. If you market a product rightly, it could lead to the right audience. Similarly, as is the case with real estate, if you do appropriate property marketing, it will reach potential buyers. To market, the property start clicking good pictures and writing a realistic description of the house, neighborhood, and nearby places. Furthermore, you can print flyers, post free advertisements online, print advertisements in newspapers, etc. By promoting your house, you are creating a community of buyers that would be interested in buying your property. Stress on promoting your property over the web, around 80% of home searches begin with surfing on the internet, so why not be a part of the digitalization?

Don’ts –

Marketing is to promote a product’s features and make people utilize it. While all this is true, people think fake assembly of descriptions and pictures would entice buyers. Absolutely not, by writing fake descriptions and staging your home, you are creating a fuss for the future. Fraudulent sales are subjected as crime, it is better to portray what is actually yours and keep yourself safe.

While calculating the value of your home, it is essential to set a realistic price for listing. Overpricing your home will lead to a loss and also it won’t lure buyers. Furthermore, do not trust the myth that selling your home in spring is the only option to acquire bigger profits. A potential buyer will buy your house in any condition if he or she likes it.

4. Get In Touch With A Real Estate Agent

Do’s –

Hire a real estate agent who knows the tricks of the trade. Make sure he knows about the locality, neighborhood, recreational areas, comparable properties, etc. A real estate agent will help in evaluating the actual price of your home and make your ship sail smoothly.

Don’ts –

A major mistake that most homeowners make is, that they rely on real estate agents very much. Although trusting isn’t wrong, the blind trust that people put in them could be scary. It is indispensable to conduct simultaneous online research to verify your real estate agent’s evaluations.

A Checklist To Look At, Before Selling Your House

Apart from the given, there are many other aspects that are equally important as the dos and don’ts. We would like to provide you with a checklist that will help you in selling your home fast.

  • Take suggestions and feedback from the real estate agent positively
  • Calculate the fair market value of your property and then calculate the property’s worth
  • Provide walkthroughs for potential buyers
  • Do not hand over the original documents before registration
  • Consult with companies that buy houses for cash for faster and more profitable deals
  • Don’t keep on rescheduling appointments with buyers, they lose interest in the deal
  • Repair sewage tanks and pipes
  • Light scented candles and put flowers around the corners of your home, as curb appeal is important
  • Take care of little things while providing a walkthrough, like keeping your pets out of sight from the buyers. Apparently, everyone is not a pet lover
  • Put bright lights in your home so nothing goes unseen or unnoticed
  • Don’t let the emotional roller coaster hamper your home sale

Our Concluding Words

While selling your house fast is a strenuous task, the above do’s and don’ts will make the process easier for you. Keep the mentioned points in mind, rest assured you will close the deal positively. If you are living in New York and suffering from the same problem, get in touch with ‘Elite Properties‘. They moreover help you with other real estate crises and provide precise solutions. If you want to sell your house fast, inherit a home or get in touch with a real estate agent, call on this number 718-977-5462 and get your queries sorted.

Buying your house might have probably been one of the most significant investments you’ve ever made as a homeowner. But as time passes you might feel like your “All American Dream” fell a bit short. As much as buying a house is difficult, it is also quite daunting to selling house when you’re in need.

Spending every lunch break and recess time surfing through the local real estate listings might help you in knowing the current market value of your property, but it’ll never tell you the right time to sell it. Trusting your basic instincts and moving forward with selling your house might lead you to a large pit rather than filling your bank with dollar bills. Well, if you are confounded with the jejune offers you got for your property, step down from selling your house. Our life can take unrealistic and unpredictable turns here and there. This might leave us in a financial crisis or even a mental crisis. Maybe it might also force you to sell your hard-earned house to meet your immediate money needs. But, you must make sure that selling your home should be your last resort before jumping to conclusions.

Knowing the right time to sell your house has always been challenging and a daunting task. One must be aware of all the market trends and anti-swindler strategies before ripping off the Band-Aid and selling his/her house.

Here are some signs which can help you to understand that it is officially the time to part ways with your house…

1. Your Family Grew and Doesn’t Fit In Anymore

Your current house must have felt perfectly comfortable when you were newlyweds. Well, a 2bhk apartment or a condo must have been sufficient for both of you. But as time passed by, you began thinking of adding a new member to your family. Times were joyous and momentous with the new baby’s arrival, and you were living the dream. Fast forwarding a few more years, now you have a dog, toddler, and a new baby on the way which makes your house ill-fitting for accommodating all. This is the moment you must decide you need a bigger home to provide for the needs of everyone.

While searching for the optimal house, make sure your kids get independent rooms to sleep in and have ample space for storing all toys and amenities (especially for babies). Getting a house within a limited period might be challenging, so it would be a wise decision if you start looking for remodeled homes or hire an experienced real estate agent.

2. You Know The Market is Active and Strong

Living in a potential property market can be intriguing and at the same time exciting. The constant proposals from real estate agents and brokers making your mornings miserable and the periodic ‘sold-out’ boards that pop up in your neighborhood might urge you in selling the house. And don’t forget how your neighbor managed to gain a fortune just by selling his/her house.

The key to finding whether it’s the right time to sell your home depends on the market. If the market is hot, you must go for it without any second thoughts. For example, consider you bought your house in the late 2008s for a whopping $870,000. Within a decade your locality has flourished, and the property market has shot up with the arrival of a new highway or a metro station. Now, you might have offers for your house starting from a minimum of $1,050,000. You got two options, either wait for the price to upsurge more or sell it now and start fresh somewhere else with a hefty profit.

3. You Are in Need Of Some Immediate Money

We’ve mentioned how life can take unexpected turns. If selling your house is your only way out from a gruesome incident, then you must go for it. But, make sure selling your home is your last resort and not your first option. The money you get from selling your house can indeed help you out of this temporary financial situation, but it will leave open the gates for a homeless life if you don’t plan the whole situation with negligence.

Selling your house to “we buy houses for cash” companies might be the best alternative if you need some immediate money.

4. Your House No Longer Fits Your Lifestyle

If your lifestyle has changed drastically in these past years and your house isn’t providing you with all your needs, then you must consider selling your home. Well, what would you do with a mansion, when all your kids have moved out and you barely use the rooms apart from the living room and bedroom you sleep in?

Another scenario can be jobs. Your company might assign you to a different place for job purposes which in turn extends your commute. What if your new office is on the other side of the state? Selling your house and looking for a new one in the locality of your new office might be the best possible solution you have. Finding a new home immediately might be difficult. Hiring a professional property agent and signing for a remodeled house can meet your immediate house needs.

5. You Need To Save Yourself From Foreclosure

Facing foreclosure? Selling your home to save yourself from foreclosure is a pretty good idea if you have no other way to pay your defaulted mortgage. Inform your mortgage provider and agree with listing your house under short sales. Short sales will grab the attention of many property dealers, property agents, and potential property buyers. If you are lucky enough you can land a great deal that can save you both from foreclosure and bankruptcy. Well, all you need is a short sales expert by your side.

6. You Have a Distressed Property

Keeping a distressed property or being an owner of distressed property is a headache. The trouble of finding a buyer or any interested agents might be challenging. Since these properties aren’t in good shape with almost nil repairs and refurbishments, assigning a proper price tag for these houses can get really tricky. Most of the owners might nod unwillingly for a price tag that is far too less than the market value.

Keeping hold of distressed property is a hectic situation where the owner might even be willing to sell the property at half the price. Well, it all depends on the buyer’s ability to negotiate. So, selling your distressed property won’t help you much financially, but it can eliminate any future complications. Selling your house to companies that buy houses in any condition can be a great opportunity to start your career in real estate.


There are many “we buy houses for cash” companies in the market. Selling your house to companies that buy houses for cash can help you land a great deal without any hassle. Hiring a real estate agent might be the best possible decision you can take in selling your house immediately.

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